Who Is Elon Musk?

I am a big fan of Dilara’s work on WP.com.

Dilara Esengil

Whatever side of the fence you are sitting on, he’s hard to look at.

He’s also kind hard to listen to.

He’s rich, and kinda famous.

He pretends to be really smart.

His, um, wife named Grimes, carved a pentagram into her pregnant belly so that it bled while she was supposedly pregnant with Elon’s baby, who doesn’t have a name. Well, it kind of has a name, but no one can pronounce it.

His mother looks like his father.

I had read a document not too long ago that his father is a mossad agent from Isreal, which again does not surprise me at all.

They don’t look anything alike.

That’s because Elon was most likely grown in a lab. CIA controlled labs and have genetically engineered spawn like Elon. The truth of these facilities, mostly underground, have been kept from the public for decades, hence making it…

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