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It’s so last year, but I just found it

I hope you enjoy this recent find for me. Advertisements

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Lost Decade – Part Eleven – The Inhabitation Phenomenon – Third Post – When I Least Expected It

I have meant to continue this series for quite some time.  Due to some technical issues, some physical issues, and having some other higher priority things I have needed to do, I have put it off for a long time.  … Continue reading

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Another idea I endorse

I have been on the side of ecological progress for as long as I can remember.  Even before it was considered to be fashionable, I have been in favor of clean alternatives to the way we do things.  In case … Continue reading

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These are my sentiments on the subject . . .

Take the time to read this article.  I’ll respond, if anyone wants to comment. My Take: ‘I’m spiritual but not religious’ is a cop-out

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[From YouTube] Cult Leader Thinks He’s Jesus (Documentary Exclusive)

Published on May 16, 2012 Deep in Siberia‘s Taiga forest is Vissarion, a cult leader who looks like Jesus and claims to be the voice of God. He’s known as “the Teacher” to his 4,000 followers, who initially seem surprisingly … Continue reading

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Careful what you ask for, Bilal Hafeez

Did you see this?  Someone else says they need my help. . . Only Jesus can save the Eurozone I am sure by now many of you have figured out when some people use the name Jesus in this way … Continue reading

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Changes At YouTube

I made some changes on my YouTube channel with their new “You Tube One Channel” feature. View my changes to my channel, here Have you made changes to your channel yet?  If you have noticed the changes, what do you … Continue reading

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Religions of the World: My Version

TAOISM: Miracles happen. CONFUCIANISM: Confucius say, “Miracles happen”. BUDDHISM: Miracles happen, but pay no mind. JAINISM: A miracle does not harm anything. ZEN: What is the sound of a miracle happening? SHINTOISM: Miracles are everywhere. JESUITISM: If a miracle happens … Continue reading

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