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Getting up on the wrong side

Today’s post is not intended for any purpose other than to journal a tiny part of what is happening in my life. For certain reasons I will not explain now, I am feeling a lot of stress.  I’m actively trying … Continue reading

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Nicole, you were RIGHT about this much…

Dear Nicole, Even with the passage of time there are some things about our conversation on June 30, 2006 that I have not forgotten.  Certain things are just too memorable to be dismissed.  I am certain we discussed this part, … Continue reading

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The Lost Decade – Part Five – Abandoned by the Disciples

For a number of reasons I have had a difficult time resuming this part of my planned blog. There must be several subconscious reasons for why I have been procrastinating. There are some things about this Lost Decade series that … Continue reading

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Wrong AGAIN, Nicole!

Dear Nicole Scherzinger, I know there is very little chance you are going to read this, but I am going to write it anyway. Perhaps you forgot everything about our phone conversation of June 30, 2006. Every last detail of … Continue reading

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