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Another cute dog video I made.

On my YouTube channel today, shot last night. Advertisements

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Reviewing another book

Dr. J. Craig Venter is probably the most famous person you have never heard of.  His life is chronicled in his autobiography, “A Life Decoded, My Genome: My Life.  Many people are aware that the human genome has been mapped … Continue reading

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The Lost Decade – Part Two – To Fight or Not To Fight

This blog entry is focused on a part of the aftermath after leaving the house on Canton Drive.  Some people who are familiar with what happened back in 1995-96 might ask: why didn’t I sue Maxine Sonnenburg, my half-brother’s step … Continue reading

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Feeling Overwhelmed

When I watch reports from Japan, I cannot help but feel the overwhelming sense of loss.  What goes through my mind next is the numbing sense that I am powerless to do anything about it.  I have no means of … Continue reading

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Sounds Like an Echo

In an attempt to stay current with developments in Japan, after the catastrophic earthquake, I tuned into Rachel Maddow’s show and heard her use the term “radioactive lava.”  I do not believe I have heard any person use that term … Continue reading

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The Lost Decade – Part One – Leaving Canton Drive

Let’s begin where we really should.  Being able to predict something bad while being a part of it does not make someone a prophet.  It is what makes you a conspirator; it is what makes you a criminal.  Having fulfilled … Continue reading

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Winning and Going Viral

Welcome to the world of Pissed-Off Jesus, Second Time Around. Yet another of the seemingly impossible to predict events, that I did predict, has come true. And my video, with many shots of Anti-Christ Jodie Foster and one of Charlie … Continue reading

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The Lost Decade – Introduction

These posts, which I will attempt to connect in a coherent fashion, will be my attempt to answer the question “Where have I been all this time?”.  I see it differently, of course.  To me, it is more like “Where … Continue reading

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What Justin Timberlake and SNL Knew by Jesus Krishna

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In defense of A.A.

Today I want to mention a few things about Alcoholics Anonymous and the other twelve-step programs. Since they have received some substantial negative publicity lately, due to some high-profile people saying some negative things about them, it seems to me … Continue reading

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