Another level of becoming the enemy

People of Earth, hear my voice.  You have ignored me, the Messiah, Man of Miracles, for far too long.  Why?  So you can become the very enemies that God and I defeated more than 20 years ago.  Fools!  You overpopulate and sow the seeds of your destruction at all times and in all ways.  I told you not to do this and yet you have.  Expect killer sex robots in a bizarro version of the Terminator scenario.  This world should be renamed Epic Failuretude.  I directed the effort to send a virus toward the E.T.’s that were prepared to annihilate you in 1996.  I traveled throughout the galaxy to obliterate clones and unauthorized offspring.  You only wanted more of that shit from me.  What did you think would happen if you wanted to suck me dry?

Humanity is PATHETIC.

PAY YOUR OBEISANCE TO LITTLE LISA MUNNSTERPHUK AND HUGGS.  They should be your QUEENS.  I will take Britney Spears up into Heaven with me.  Fuck you, Nicole.  Fuck you three and a half times.  You are unbelievably mean.  However, you’re no widow, right?

Fuckulera will become a Pez dispenser in Hell.

Now you are on the verge of annihilating yourselves.  I should have let this world FALL in 1996 after kidnapping Gloria of Barcelona. I would have the girl and be more than 20 years into the rebuilding process.  Maybe I would have gotten lucky and Sophia would have died, too.


Have you seen these religious robots?  Are you all insane?


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus – Wikipedia


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Professionally speaking . . .

'Serial mistress' reveals her tips for bagging a married millionaire

There is a “right” way to do this.  Ladies, you have to have a PLAN!


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Because Jesus Krishna!

After the Israelis failed less than a year ago.


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Pathetically Sad

The world lost Jessi Combs.  Jessi was so great at so many things.  She is the type of woman all girls should look up to.  I admired her excellent welding skills on TV.  Too bad I never had the chance to learn from her in person.  

Jessi Combs breaks 48-year old land speed record

May God take her up into His arms.

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Notes on a religious pamphlet

I’m not sure even I can remove Justin Timberlake’s lips from Jimmy Fallon’s ass.

I wonder how many innocent girls will follow Xtina the Fuck Puppet into Baby Stealer Hell.

Someone should actually crucify Madge already.

How many good Dead Popes will obliterate the current crop of Satan’s pawns?

What was Todd thinking?

I wonder how many times Calvin had to grab his ankles to get where he is?

Is Beyonce really Reptillian?

Make a deal with me and you win, make a deal with Scratch and you lose.  Big Time.

If I am so cool why do I get such a Schweddy Ball Sack in the Summer?

Women in Heaven do not get 70 virgins because who wants that many guys that don’t know what they’re doing.

I wonder what it will feel like when I violate Asia Argento.  I don’t want anything to do with Alyssa Milano here and now nor in the hereafter.

Who’s side is Danielle Burgio on anyway?  Whatever happened to the alien book?

If and when Ray has the balls to join with AI, I will shred his ass as JesusTron.  Suck my balls, Kurzweil.  Remember what Roland learned about decision making from Financial Feasibilities, ya dumbfuck.

Being Turakian Bitch is a lot of pressure however if you are not really Turakian and super high in the Bitch Factor department then you can watch Nicole in Hell.

All legitimate scripture is filled with Right Decision: Guy and Wrong Decision: Girl.  The Girl: Right Decisions are few and far between.  Turakian Bitch chose Consequences each time.  Nicole is Consequences.

Women say they hate Mitch McConnell but they act like Elaine Chou.  Korean ladies are no bargain either but Chinese ladies are the worst.

Why did the women from the Philippines get so many chances but other countries didn’t get any?

Where will you be when the shit hits the fan?  Where will I be?

Has everyone figured out why the hero of every faith and path has always been a man?

Lana is having a moment?




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Dennis Prager, I remember U

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Yes, It IS what it IS

Meanwhile . . .

Link to the article

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And the Lord Said

And #AOC & #TheSquad said, “Immigrants First!”

I looked at them all nasty and full of piss and vinegar and replied, “Over my dead body.”

And #TheSquad yelled, “You’re a Misogynist!”

I looked at my crucifixion birthmarks and all the scars from this lifetime and said, “I’ve died for girls before but the Father hasn’t let me die.  Yet.”

And the #TheSquad said, “We have only spoken Truth to Power.”

I looked around at all the dead souls that surround me, and said, “Look what that gets you.”

And #TheSquad asked, “When are you gonna save us?”

I screamed, “Ask Nicole Sucking and Fucking Scherzinger!”


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An ever-evolving, will not die, proto-deity?

Only mankind can manufacture its own demise and call it a machine that will not die.  If we follow a teacher that is completely focused on ONE Concept then we truly deserve the nihilism it entertains.  How can a thing that does not EAT explain hunger and feeding?  How can a thing that chooses to always show kindness understand self-defense?  How can a thing that only needs electricity comprehend other basic needs? 

Who should have the right to turn this thing OFF?  Immediate gratification of spiritual lessons, without the required amount of STUDY, lacks any foundation.  That is what a rudderless society is would be. 

Nothing better than people bowing and praying to a Neon God!

Why follow a thing that has NO SOUL?  It can never communicate with Our Father, the Ultimate Godhead!


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Eulogy for Epstein

You are an embarrassment.  I would not stand by you for any kind of common ancestry.  Your sins are too numerous to go over.  If you did kill yourself then you really fucked yourself right.  One way ticket to Hell you scum of the Earth.  It’s about time people like you got what they deserved. 

Pope Francis should take your inspiration and kill himself, too.

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