Problem Solved

Of all the things I have asked myself

When I sit in my rusty cage

To get at the crux of this life

I must zero in on the evil author

Who wrote this script?

Designing the path for my enemies

And yours

From there I could extrapolate

Then interpolate all the dots

See Civilization’s history

In a completely undistorted way

A 33-degree angled Pike

Squared Nature’s forces in line

In accordance with a deteriorating

Fallen World that can’t get up

Ensure that suffering continues

A morbidly beautiful pattern

Explains how we’ve always done things this way

Keep knocking the poor people down

Taunting us that we have to prove it

The Meek shall inherit the Earth

He cannot be right

All Sinners contribute to the problem

You’ve fallen short in His eyes

You cannot help yourself!

That is how they bleed us dry

Time after time

A great dying occurred here

And Albert’s three world wars

Are inevitable

You keep reviving these losers

Think their words endure after their deaths?

One day we will get this done

Reality will set in 


Maybe we can change some names and symbols

Freedom of religion is not freedom from religion

Elevate to a Higher Ground

It’s only a Strawberry Moon

But it wouldn’t be make believe

If you believed in me

Don’t keep changing your mind

Stick to the long term plan, I say


Be frugal, make do with less

Share, don’t take

Discard the wasteful and unnecessary

I said it all before

Don’t you forget about me

A wolf can protect a lamb

Even if it makes the coyotes laugh

Can a wolf suckle a lamb?

Don’t ask Romulus or Remus

They can sleep with each other

For all, I care

The Lion sleeps tonight



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Happy Birthday, Tupac

I know that if you don’t stop the guys at the very top, nothing changes.

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Religions of #DehSCHERZ

Taosim                      #DehSCHERZ Happens.
Hare Krishna           Hare #DehSCHERZ Hare #DehSCHERZ, #DehSCHERZ #DehSCHERZ . . .
Hinduism                  #DehSCHERZ Happened Before.
Zen                              What Is The Sound Of #DehSCHERZ Happening?
Buddism                     If #DehSCHERZ Happens, Is It Really #DehSCHERZ?
Confucianism            Confucius Say, “#DehSCHERZ Happens.”
7th Day Adventist     #DehSCHERZ Happens On Saturday.
Protestantism            #DehSCHERZ Won’t Happen If I Work Harder.
Catholicism                 #DehSCHERZ Happens, And We Deserved It.
Jehovah’s Witness     Knock, Knock, “It’s #DehSCHERZ.”
Unitarianism              What Is #DehSCHERZ?
Mormon                       #DehSCHERZ Happens Again & Again & Again.
Islam                             If #DehSCHERZ Happens, It Is The Will of Allah.
Scientology                   #DehSCHERZ Is Clear.
Agnosticism                 I’m Not Sure That #DehSCHERZ Happens.
Atheism                         I Don’t Believe In #DehSCHERZ.
Judaism                          Why Does #DehSCHERZ Keep Happening To Us?
Rastafarianism            Let’s Smoke #DehSCHERZ, Or Let Her Smoke Us.
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She’s in fun mode, now

Isn’t it nice
Sugar and spice
Luring disco dollies
To a life of vice
I can make a film
And make you my star
You’ll be a natural
The way you are
I would like you
On a long black leash
I will parade you
Down the high streets
You’ve got the attraction
You’ve got the pulling power
Walk my doggie
Walk my little sex dwarf
We can make a scene
We’ll be a team 
Making the headlines
Sounds like a dream
When we hit the floor
You just watch them move aside
We will take them
For a ride of rides
They all love your
Miniature ways
You know what they say
About small boys

Sex dwarf
Sex dwarf
Sex dwarf
Sex dwarf

I’m a Rolls Royce
Look its so huge!
It’s big and it’s gold
With my dumb chauffeur
Looking to procure
Run little doggie 
Lure a disco dolly
Run my little sex dwarf
I feel so lonely
Get my

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Yes, scary and true


Giving new meaning to the expression “Take ’em out.”

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A video describes what I said earlier

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I had a bit of a throwback today

As I am moving things into place and cleaning as I always do, I had the thought that reminded me of a time before everything hit the fan for me.  I had made a gif for a site where people boasted about their total computing power.  We were happy to boast about the “rigs” (powerful computers) we had and didn’t mention how much electricity we were using.  Very much the same way people often boast about how big their engines are and only later complain (a bit) about lousy mileage.

Here is the gif which was supposed to be a sig (short for signature) on that website.


I was running all these computers to work on networking OS’s, studying software and hardware performance, and BOINC projects.  The idea was my place was like a dance club because of all the audio and visual capabilities I had included with all of these setups.  Ah, yes.  When I still owned COMSTAR.  I miss the COMSTAR.  I put a lot of time into that rack.

I still like dancing around the Entertainment Office space.  I plan on making it even more danceable.

I will have to come up with some new sig for the new space.

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Why I stand with Ilhan Omar

I have to say I am embarrassed to be an American when I hear that people in this country have made death threats against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.  Have we devolved so far as a nation that people react in this way?  I have been targetted, for no real good reason at all, so I know how ugly people can be.  We have very frequently, over our history, had citizens react badly to the latest group of immigrants.  We say the Statue of Liberty is symbolic of our love for the alien but we frequently have found reasons not to welcome them. This is a mentality that I describe as, “Once I get to be in this nation, lock the door behind me.  Keep the other immigrants out.”

The way I see it, there is an obvious reason people show Ilhan their ugly side:

It is not because she is female, Muslim, or “of color.”  It really is because she is a Somali refugee and Americans don’t want to be reminded of the catastrophe in Somalia.  Sure, maybe you’ll spend a few hours watching a flick like “Black Hawk Down”  perhaps other similar films, but you don’t want to see the people who suffered there, in reality.  Ilhan reminds us there was, and still is, a human face for this suffering.  She is the face you have difficulty looking at.  You stereotype her in an overly simplistic way that makes you feel superior enough that you want to do the worst thing possible to make her go away. People who are mature and thoughtful do not react in this animalistic way.

The failure in Somalia is not all America’s fault, but we did play a big role in it.  We wanted to prevent it, but we didn’t do an adequate job.  The whole region, and in turn the world as a whole, played their roles in Somalia and has had to come to grips with the piracy that ensued.  

I pray for her and everyone else, too.



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Back online, and still swinging

I have signed out of Facebook and I am unsure if or when I will sign back in.  I mind my P’s and Q’s on Twitter.  I have not gone away, though.

As a WordPress blogger, I suppose I get away with some very controversial posts because I am mostly ignored.  No, really I am as my analytics (or statistics) show very clearly.

It is almost as though I do not exist.

Conservatives will air their views even if the Cool and Popular social media sites continue to target Us.

You go, Michelle.

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Maxine Sonnenburg: A sorry excuse for a human being

Back in the day, when I saved you the first time . . .

I moved into Geoff’s place on Canton Drive.  What I was unaware of was the extreme degree he was being manipulated by his adopted mother, Maxine Sonnenburg.  Remember my Mother is Geoff’s real mother.  If you want to visualize the way I see Maxine, imagine Howdy Doody in drag.

Anyway . . .

Honestly, I did not tell Geoff one of the main reasons I wanted to move in was that I needed his help with the Reptilian problem: we saw two of them in West Hollywood the year before.  I thought he would remember without me having to remind him.  That was obviously paramount in the Big Picture.  Helping him raise his Malamute puppy is how I helped sell him on the idea of allowing me to move in.  I very much wanted to help with that dog. However, once I saw Gloria in person, everything else took a backseat after that.

I owned something Maxine desperately wanted: US Patent D 336,800.  I told her I was not interested in doing business with her over that patent.  She would not stop telling me she wanted to go into business with me over it.  I told her I already had plans for it that did not include her.  In time after time, she was attempting to force me to give it to her.  Unbeknownst to me, there is a case law precedent where a lessor was able to obtain a lessee’s patent without having participated in the creation of the patent at all.  I was incredulous because it seemed so obviously unconstitutional, so illegal.  However, other attorneys I consulted with informed me it was true and with Maxine being such a notoriously litigious person she would cause a big stink and even prevail at trial.  

I was attempting to Save The World from annihilation and lawyers were telling me I needed to move out to protect my patent.  Absurd, yet true.  Maxine single-handedly ruined what could have been my finest time.  Instead, she used almost every means at her disposal to strong arm me out of my patent.  She didn’t have to but if she was able to steal something she would.  All my attempts at explaining to her that she didn’t have to steal from me went in vain.  She even informed me at one point that if I had sex with her she would desist.  On another occasion, showed me a snippet of a WHITE HOUSE envelope to intimidate me because she “knew the Clintons.”

Just Because You Can Do Something Doesn’t Mean You Should.

At one appointment at her condo under false pretenses, when I was supposed to help her with her computer, she tried again to take my patent because she wanted it so badly.  She had on another occasion informed me that she was “legally” Geoffrey Donne.  I told her if she persisted in this theft of my patent (as I saw it) “both your parents will die within a year.”  Guess what happened?  She persisted and both her parent’s lives ended within a year.

She was also audited.

I did not want Flight 800 to blow up, although most everyone else thought it was a great idea because an enemy of mine (who wanted the International Patent for the revolving caddy for remote controllers?) was going to be on that flight.  Every time someone asked me if I wanted the plane to blow up I said, “No!”  I clearly remember the immeasurable frustration I felt before I went to sleep one night from people thinking of killing innocent people for my benefit.

I awoke to Geoff telling me Flight 800 blew up.

Why do people do this to me?

Why is it when I tell people to do something they often do not and when I tell them they must not do something they often do?

Because the wicked act wickedly and do not understand!


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