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Another, “Meanwhile, across the pond. . .”

Guess who looked good the other night When I have a few minutes free I often look to see what certain people are up to.  I look for the type of articles that get a fair amount of exposure while … Continue reading

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I Don’t Get It

In 2009, I had a vision I described in this blog.  This was incredibly disturbing because I had believed, since a very early age, this was the very thing my existence was dedicated to averting.  Considering all I had been … Continue reading

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Five years and counting

I sometimes lose track of the days and dates.  When I was reminded today is October 15, it rang a bell.  What does this date mean to me?  It was the day I started to regain my sobriety at TLC … Continue reading

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Debate Coverage Told Me What I Already Knew

I tuned into last night’s Presidential debate a bit early and watched it through to the end.  I thought it was a lively debate, and as someone who has been interested in politics, I found it to be a very … Continue reading

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