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A picture says a thousand words. . .

I am sure you have heard that expression before, “A picture says a thousand words.”  However, a picture does not replace a thousand words.  I still beleve in words in an era where they are being replaced by pictures. WordPress … Continue reading

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He did not ask my permission to speak for me. . .

and yet he makes a solid argument.  I wish people really cared about what I would do rather than speak about me abstractly: Jesus would support Palestinian statehood bid (onn CNN)

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Track 14 2:27

Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl Than to be with another man You better keep your head, little girl Or I won’t know where I am You better run for your life if you can, little girl Hide … Continue reading

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4G has made it to JunkTown!

I don’t recall anyone announcing it. Last I checked the closest 4G coverage area was in Denver…. Today I decided to turn on the 4G reception on my HTC EVO. It connected to Sprint! The signal is very weak but … Continue reading

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A bit of Tobias trivia

If my grandmother were alive today she would be 120 years old. However, as we know from Genesis chapter 6, that is the maximum God allows. Think about it.

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I have not forgotten anything about September 11th

On this day when people all over the world are pausing to remember those who died on September 11th, I do the same. However, the one person I spend the most time thinking about is my Dad, the man who … Continue reading

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