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How Tricky a Triangle?

NASCAR vehicles are to loose. Continue reading

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I knew it, didn’t I?

I believe that all of us are psychic.  Even before reading some studies that have proven our brains have some level of foreknowledge, I have believed it.  I think that people are somehow conditioned to think of psychic abilities as … Continue reading

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Something to think about while watching sports

Check out @JesusKrishna’s Tweet:

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Bruce Jenner Is Not A Hero

Originally posted on Illuminating Truth:
I generally try to steer clear of controversial issues on here. Most are so deeply embedded in presuppositions that writing about them generally just generates more anger and frustration than meaningful discussion. However, I never…

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10 percent gay or not?

I was watching YouTube videos the other day and in one of them the video’s narrator  mentioned a recent CDC survey that concluded 1 and a half percent of the population of the United States reported as being gay.  I … Continue reading

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It just doesn’t seem right

I have certainly been enjoying the end of the year.  Day after day I have taken in all the college bowl games and they have been great.  Some have been close, some have been blowouts but there have been many … Continue reading

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Why you should expect the U.S. to bomb Iran soon…

No Bunker-Buster in US Israeli Arms Deal I have gone over this topic so often it seems that it has unnecessarily preoccupied my time.  However, the inevitable is soon approaching, as alluded to in the article link above.  Even though … Continue reading

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Lost Decade – Part Eleven – The Inhabitation Phenomenon – Second Post

There were several other times that people became inhabited while I was in high school.  Some of them could be described in a few sentences and others would require a little more space than that.  I will not go over … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Childhood Relived:
The smoke twisted and turned across the sky in a fluffy white cotton candy stream.  I didn’t know what it was supposed to look like – should it look like this?  I looked to my…

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Why I wish the world DID end on Dec. 21, 2012

Now I have to live with “Rose Bowl Winner – Stanford”

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