Really Not Happening

I guess when it rains, it’s a Toxic Flood.

I have joked in the past about how one of my powers is command over all things electrical.  I could not have been more wrong as it looks today.  I have had some electrical issues with both of my gas-powered rides lately.  The short version of the problems with the scooter is that it can start and run, but not shut off.  I expect that’s a bad kill switch and so I have added it to the list of things I want to do, to take one last swing at this Chinese POS, before I sell it for parts.

The other day, a friend from the Scooterist group said I could borrow some tools because when I tried to get into the CVT long box, twelve of the thirteen bolts came out easily enough but the last one wouldn’t budge.  I could not run over to his place to pick them up because my car’s battery was dead.  I have been working around some kind of “parasitic drain” with a disconnect knob for about a year now.  I thought I had used it but the dead battery caught me off guard.  I recharged it two days ago and then drove to Delta and back and it seemed to run fine as I watched the gauges like a hawk.

Today it started okay and I took the long route to Home Depot and Sears.  I seemed to get everything I needed and then some: I never seem to have any problem buying things.  While at Sears, I tried to apply for a card at the counter and was denied.  I heard many years ago that a Sears card was one of the best ways to build some credit, and did that as a teenager.  I still went through with my purchase but I admit being a bit perturbed as I left the store and returned to my car.

I started it up and it seemed a bit hesitant.  My volt gauge has always not worked properly and has usually reported about 10 volts charge, regardless.  Just lowering the windows caused the gauge to bounce and I knew I was in trouble.  My thought was to run out to Fruita on I-70 and if the battery did not begin to charge up I would drop it off at the Western Slope Auto Center.  Much to my further dismay, the meter plummeted as I drove and finally the car quit about three miles from WSA.

I was so flustered I thought I would just walk it, but it was a little further than I thought.  I left my purchases and the keys in the car, which is really not like me.  Today it was about 95 and kinda hazy as I walked eastward on Highway 6 & 50.  Thanks to Elite Towing and WSA , the car is at the shop and I’m back home in one piece.

I have a very strong attachment to my vehicle despite it’s problems and I joked with the young lady that shuttled me back that I have it, and not a wife or girlfriend.  In my mind, the car and I had a conversation today:

Another Crappy Curse Comes True

Me: Thanks for taking me out today to get some stuff for the bike.  I’m sorry about the battery thing the other day.

Car: What battery thing?

Me: We’re still good, right?  I noticed how you ran hot on that unscheduled trip to LA and back and got you to Big O Tires for a coolant flush.  Wasn’t that good?  You’ve been pretty smooth lately, despite the intense heat.

Car: You spend too much time with that Chinese good-for-nothing.  You should pay more attention to me.

Me: The main reason I have the scooter is to save you from too much wear and tear.  I have the scooter for both of us.

Car: I feel I have a recall coming on.  Take me to Western Slope Auto.

Me: We should be getting a couple checks in any day now.  I promise to take you in when I have the money.

Car: I want to go to Western Slope Auto now.

Me: They really prefer we make an appointment.  I know we’ve put some stuff off for a while but I’ll call next week and make an appointment.  We can’t get all the parts you need.


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Living in the Past

I have been aware for sometime that I can get stuck inside my mind when I am negative.  I cannot say that I have been very positive about anything for a long time.  Considering that I live in a relatively isolated existence it makes some sense to me that my thoughts drift back to past events and places.

I awoke this morning from a dream that was all about a relationship I was in eleven years ago.  I suppose one of the reasons I went back to her in this dream was that we split on this day, eleven years ago.  We only dated for a few months.  However, it was not like any other relationship I had ever been in.


Also, since I have not been that intimate with any other women since then, I suppose there is a certain amount of attachment I still feel for her.  I have not allowed anyone else to take her place in my mind or in my heart.

What is really frustrating about all of this is that I do not see a way out at all.  This hasn’t led me to believing I should change anything about how I socialize.  What is most disturbing to me is that I will keep going back to that time repeatedly, as I get older.

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Bruce Jenner Is Not A Hero

I have the same perspective on this subject. I would also add that we have, in the past, been fairly consistent to realize that any form of self-mutilation is a sign of mental illness. The late Michael Jackson and the late Joan Rivers were shining examples of celebrities that we understood were doing something bizarre, which we chose to ignore, because they entertained us. Very few of us celebrated their successive surgeries as something they should be commend for. Yet with Bruce/Caitlyn we do?

Illuminating Truth

I generally try to steer clear of controversial issues on here. Most are so deeply embedded in presuppositions that writing about them generally just generates more anger and frustration than meaningful discussion. However, I never want to shy away from speaking something that needs to be said even if I know it is not something people want to hear. So, I want to talk about Bruce Jenner.

Today, Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, dressed as a woman and introducing himself to the world as “Caitlyn Jenner.” You see, he has decided that he is a woman and that by saying it and probably some very extensive surgery, he can make it so. In today’s world, we think gender is something we get to choose, like our career path or our clothes. So, people across the nation have lauded him as a hero. Certainly, this is the…

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10 percent gay or not?

I was watching YouTube videos the other day and in one of them the video’s narrator  mentioned a recent CDC survey that concluded 1 and a half percent of the population of the United States reported as being gay.  I admit I was stunned: I had the ten percent figure so firmly established in my mind I thought there was no chance this statistic could be correct.  I downloaded the report, and sure enough, that is what this recent study found.  If you are wondering about what recent studies have found, the link to the Wikipedia page is here.

I can recall several times in the past that the ten percent figure from the Kinsey report had been used as “established fact” in conversations with my friends.  It really doesn’t matter to me what the percentage really is.  I do not feel that we should be more concerned or less concerned about the welfare of people whether they are 10, 5, or even 2.5 percent of the population.  However, at the same time I find it interesting that people still think the figure is higher than what many recent studies have found.

It also occurs to me that people are still quoting what is very likely an inaccurate statistic, and in many cases, exaggerating it.  If people are still exaggerating the figure, and perhaps ignoring other more recent figures, does that mean their arguments should be considered disingenuous?

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Does it mean anything at all?

There was a time during the “Year in the Dog Park” where I described how humanity had a choice to make.  Were we going to choose the red ball or the blue ball?  Did the world’s population have the ability to make the choices to keep our world beautiful, clean, and blue or would we collectively annihilate the planet?  Would we turn the Earth into a hellish and dead world: the red ball?

While I was doing what I understood I had to do to assure that the world would be saved a second time, I also collected two small balls; one red and one blue.  The red one was very vivid and the blue one was very blue with some while surface areas.  I really liked that one as it resembled a very blue watery world with cloud formations.  Before I left most everything behind in California in 2009, I placed both in a yarn pouch and kept them with other meaningful, but admittedly inexpensive, items.

A couple of days ago, I decided to clean my apartment and dispose of some useless things I had accumulated of the past few years.  I went through all the bags, pouches, and boxes of things I had stored all throughout my place.  I opened the pouch with the two rubber balls and noticed the colors had changed over the years.  Even though they were not exposed to light hardly at all, the color changes were noticeable.

The red ball is not nearly as vivid and has a slightly orange tint to it.  It is still basically a red ball.  The blue one is now definitely green.  Not even a blue-green variety, but distinctly green.  Does it mean anything at all?  I am still pondering it myself.

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Good for you, Mr. Hughes

Gyro plane flight sends message to Congress

Here is a video that was made before the man from Tampa made his flight to the Capitol.  I think what he did makes perfect sense.  If you watch the video, he explains why campaign finance reform is necessary before other important changes in this country can occur.  I think his idea is a perfect form of non-violent demonstration that can gain the attention the issue deserves.

However, I am sure that while people will know about what he did, there is very little chance that it will bring the change he intended.  I completely agree with him that the largest money interest have controlled Congress for a long time and that ordinary citizen’s concerns have been mostly ignored.  The topic of campaign finance reform has been brought up many times, that I can recall, since I was a teenager.  The situation has not improved since then, and in many ways, has only gotten worse.  Still, I commend him for doing what he did and I believe he should receive the lightest possible punishment for breaking the law the way he did.

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It just doesn’t seem right

I have certainly been enjoying the end of the year.  Day after day I have taken in all the college bowl games and they have been great.  Some have been close, some have been blowouts but there have been many great performances by different players.  However, something seems to keep grabbing my attention.  The stands are all at least half-empty.

I am sure that many people will be talking about how successful this college post season has been.  A lot of analysis about who is happy about the outcomes, how good the ratings have been, and whether or not the playoff system has laid to rest all the squabbling about who the real national champion is.  Some people think that there are too many bowl games at this point: this year’s games have more mediocre teams than ever because a .500 record gets you a late December game.  But even tonight’s Orange Bowl game looks like it’s being played before half-capacity.  Is this really a success?

On some level I can’t accept that it is.  Most of these teams play before capacity crowds all year-long.  Games that are not nearly as interesting or competitive as the bowls but have much bigger crowds.  From a visceral standpoint I cannot accept an event is successful if there are as many empty seats as fans, no matter what the TV ratings or amount of profit the game generates.

Recent economic figures state the “big recession” is long over even though some people believe we still are worse off than recent years.  Are ticket prices too high? I went to the Rose Bowl over a decade ago and those tickets were very expensive, but that game was a sellout.  Travel and lodging can be found for very cheap.  For many teams these games are the highlight of the year.  So I’m still trying to figure out why the crowds have not shown up in large numbers.

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Much ado about … Seth Rogen?

Although I would love to make a video about the recent hack on Sony Pictures, I think the above clip does an adequate job.  My particular interest does stem from my networking background and my life growing up in Los Angeles, near to the entertainment industry.  I have followed some of the media coverage of this “act of war” and my immediate reaction is: this is complete nonsense.

In our reality where all the different worlds intersect (technology, politics, entertainment, etc.) this is a rather droll example.  Am I really supposed to believe that Seth Rogen, as much an everyman as you could select today, is now a heroic figure in the struggle against an oppressive regime?  It is entirely possible.  However, as indicated by the video above, he is merely a sympathetic actor in what is most likely a justification of further curtailing our personal freedoms in the future.  Despite the threat that North Korea has posed to people all over the world, mostly in an indirect way, they are a very convenient “boogeyman.”  Is this just a preamble for an argument to justify imposing a “digital tyranny” on us to protect us from the threat from a more threatening tyranny?

You decide?


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The after that, after that

>My newest imageI thought I would post on myself today.  A bit of self-inventory on where I am now and what I am looking at into the future.

It is close to five years since I made it to Colorado and one year since I moved into this apartment.  In many ways, I have been in a hovering pattern all this time.  I have spent a lot of effort to clean up some of the wreckage from the “chase after nothing” that began just over eight years ago.

On the good side, my credit has recovered and is now at around “normal and average.”  Although I am not looking at making any large purchases or securing loans, it is a bit of comfort that if an emergency arises, I might be in the place to get credit of some kind.  Since I have been in the risk-averse mode for these five years, it is something I feel I have earned.

Physically, I feel more than my age.  The early part of the year has seen me gain some considerable weight and I have struggled to get that under control.  I have not weighed myself and I have had some trouble motivating myself, as I did several years ago, to get into better shape.  I think as I have slowly worked my way out of a psychological funk; I expect to make some progress in that area.

My vehicles have been a different story.  I have had a number of issues come up with my car and have spent far too much money keeping it running.  I am still not done and am a bit perplexed as to why I am having all these troubles.  Sure, the car is quite old, but I am still reluctant to let go of it for many reasons.  I have a peculiar fondness for it; a bit of sentimentality that transcends years and logic.  Perhaps it is time to let it go, bit I am still not at that point.

I have also had some issues with my scooter and have not been able to isolate those problems.  Here, I am a bit closer to letting it go to someone who might have better luck with it.  As I am in a better place for bike riding, I just might not even bother replacing it.  However, as I am fond of some of my scooting friends I still want to be able to engage in those activities.  I think I will give myself until the end of the year to decide which way I am going to approach this dilemma.

I have also given plenty of thought about why I should still live where I am, and if I do decide to move, where that should be.  I have some ideas about what else I should be doing with my life, given I have survived to this “after that, after that” stage that remains the complete unknown, unprophesied part.  I hope to receive some direction from above about this.  Hopefully, all the other decisions will become easier to make when that occurs.

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Who is Anonymous? [video from Al Jazeera]

Not posted as an endorsement or indictment.  You decide for yourself. 

How much do you know about the group known as Anonymous?

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