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I got a big laugh out of this

Here is a link to an article on ESPN’s site I just read.  What if other school’s football uniforms got the Oregon Duck’s influence?  It just might come out like this. What if other schools got “Oregonized?” And here is … Continue reading

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It just doesn’t seem right

I have certainly been enjoying the end of the year.  Day after day I have taken in all the college bowl games and they have been great.  Some have been close, some have been blowouts but there have been many … Continue reading

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Clipper Carl

It would be far easier to pull a camel through the eye of a needle than for Donald Sterling to get into Heaven. #nba — Benjamin Tobias (@JesusKrishna) April 29, 2014 I cannot help but think about Clipper Carl now.  … Continue reading

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The Oregon Ducks are out of control

I have always been a person that supports creativity.  I am also a person that supports tradition and classics.  I am a big fan of college football.  I have to cry fowl at the Oregon Ducks football team because they … Continue reading

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Still Crazy After All These Years

Phew! Oregon beat Stanford.  I might be able to think clearly again. I know I write a lot of strange things in this blogspace.  Things that are strange, but true.  Things that are very difficult to comprehend.  Things that, when … Continue reading

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And Another Thing…

as of February 23, 2010 CAT PEOPLE ARE SORE LOSERS! Oh, please.  A platinum medal?  Talk about being delusional and a sore loser.  Folks, it has nothing to do with being Russian or Commie or a figure skater or WHATEVER.  … Continue reading

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Maybe only funny to me

posted January 10, 2010 1980: You can’t fly with the eagles when you work with turkeys. 2010: You can’t get off the ground, Eagles, if you can’t hike the ball past the big butt of Nick Cole.

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To the tune of "Brother John"

for the blog’s December 29, 2009 entry Are you sleeping Are you sleeping Little whore Little whore Jesus very hungry Jesus very angry Screw Charlie Sheen Screw Tiger Woods

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