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Stand up to them!

China cannot hide the Truth. Continue reading

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A Message for Devolving Christians, especially Barak Obama

Pathetic! Your evolution, as you call it, is antithetical to the Truth. On June 30, 2006, I said that God’s position, and of course my own, on marriage would be clarified.  All Bibles changed, at Genesis Chapter 2 verse 24, … Continue reading

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Aspen today

Taken with the HTC EVO. I’m not sure it’s the camera; I believe it’s impossible to take a bad picture in Aspen. Posted from WordPress for Android

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Are you reading this?

I was asked a question about fifteen years ago.  I’ll ask you the question and I invite you to leave your replies. “Is the absence of something the proof of something?”

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The Lost Decade – Part Six – Counseling Sessions

This entry is about another aspect, another important storyline within what I call the Lost Decade.  I had tried very hard to convince my parents that the time I lived at the house on Canton Drive was vitally important.  Even … Continue reading

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Gawker Sucks and Here is Why

Perhaps you, like everyone else who uses the web, likes to visit gossip sites like Gawker. I have had it with those sites.  Their trade is in lies, deception, and antagonizing people.  These sites could easily tell you the truth … Continue reading

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Wanna Bet?

contribution for January 18, 2010   Nicole!  By now your mystical, “something bad going to happen there,” violator of Deuteronomy 18, slutty, astrologer, shape-shifting, hypocritical, sure to go to Hell, friends have figured out a doozy is due on FEBRUARY … Continue reading

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Smiling Widely at All of You Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

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Another One?

written January 9, 2010   Search YouTube for Kremlin UFO pyramid. What do you think?

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