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On the 17th Anniversary

Do you remember me saying that George H. W. Bush would die on the seventeenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?   Advertisements

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10 percent gay or not?

I was watching YouTube videos the other day and in one of them the video’s narrator  mentioned a recent CDC survey that concluded 1 and a half percent of the population of the United States reported as being gay.  I … Continue reading

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Believe it. You have less than seven years left…

Today is SBK day, year 53. In less than seven years it will happen again. I mentioned this on June 30, 2006. Although I have not spent that much time researching it in the long ago past, checking every sixty … Continue reading

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My thoughts on the Jodi Arias trial, so far

I have followed the Jodi Arias trial for the past couple weeks. For those of you who do not know, Jodi Arias is the accused murderer of Travis Alexander. Travis was shot in the head and stabbed twenty-nine times. He … Continue reading

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It was a joke, or was it?

Today, I was doing my thing in my favourite coffee spot.  I ordered a cup of coffee with my lunch and the cup they gave me had the following inscribed on it: “World’s Greatest Grandpa.”  On some level this seemed … Continue reading

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“Social Liason” or “Happy Veteran’s Day”

Jill, I really feel sorry for you.  Really, I do.  I can imagine how difficult this has all been for you.  You’re just like the rest of us.  All you want to do is lead a decent life without having … Continue reading

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A Message for Devolving Christians, especially Barak Obama

Pathetic! Your evolution, as you call it, is antithetical to the Truth. On June 30, 2006, I said that God’s position, and of course my own, on marriage would be clarified.  All Bibles changed, at Genesis Chapter 2 verse 24, … Continue reading

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Hold on. Wait a minute.

Nicole, I can tell it was not a good night.  It must have felt like you got pummeled.  I understand.  I can imagine what it felt like. Some people would have to wonder why you even showed up at the … Continue reading

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Track 14 2:27

Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl Than to be with another man You better keep your head, little girl Or I won’t know where I am You better run for your life if you can, little girl Hide … Continue reading

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Why there is no wife of Christ

explained on December 12, 2009 I have very high standards. Not a single woman has come close to deserving me. Women are great at excuses and they think it’s all about money.  My wife would reject that notion completely.  Here … Continue reading

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