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Worth sharing

Incredibly, I found this in a YouTube video . . . Advertisements

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On the 17th Anniversary

Do you remember me saying that George H. W. Bush would die on the seventeenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?  

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Strange but true.

The wolves (BENJAMINITES) are attempting to take the Lion’s place (Son of Judah).  

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An Update: Believe it or not

Wow! Last night was absolutely incredible! I have been struggling immensely with my recent mental predicaments.  I remind you that there is a fine line between being Mashiach and a simple Messugah.  As I realized how much I have been … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Bud

We lost a member of our family today. Bud was put to sleep this afternoon after seventeen years full of smiles and good times.  Even though he was not my dog, after almost four years of living under the same … Continue reading

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Why you should expect the U.S. to bomb Iran soon…

No Bunker-Buster in US Israeli Arms Deal I have gone over this topic so often it seems that it has unnecessarily preoccupied my time.  However, the inevitable is soon approaching, as alluded to in the article link above.  Even though … Continue reading

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I Don’t Get It

In 2009, I had a vision I described in this blog.  This was incredibly disturbing because I had believed, since a very early age, this was the very thing my existence was dedicated to averting.  Considering all I had been … Continue reading

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Get To Know Me

from the neoverse and prose blog, the XtraNormal animated version.

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I have not forgotten anything about September 11th

On this day when people all over the world are pausing to remember those who died on September 11th, I do the same. However, the one person I spend the most time thinking about is my Dad, the man who … Continue reading

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Winning and Going Viral

Welcome to the world of Pissed-Off Jesus, Second Time Around. Yet another of the seemingly impossible to predict events, that I did predict, has come true. And my video, with many shots of Anti-Christ Jodie Foster and one of Charlie … Continue reading

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