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My thoughts on the election’s outcome

I admit to being a bit surprised.  I did not believe Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee when he announced his candidacy nor did I believe any of the possible “paths to victory” were attainable.  Yet, here we are … Continue reading

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Texas. Like a whole other country?

In the wake of the #Brexit vote there is a recent rise in the use of the #Texit hash tag that has Twitter in a bit of a buzz.  There are also some people in other states that have had … Continue reading

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10 percent gay or not?

I was watching YouTube videos the other day and in one of them the video’s narrator  mentioned a recent CDC survey that concluded 1 and a half percent of the population of the United States reported as being gay.  I … Continue reading

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Good for you, Mr. Hughes

Gyro plane flight sends message to Congress Here is a video that was made before the man from Tampa made his flight to the Capitol.  I think what he did makes perfect sense.  If you watch the video, he explains … Continue reading

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Much ado about … Seth Rogen?

Although I would love to make a video about the recent hack on Sony Pictures, I think the above clip does an adequate job.  My particular interest does stem from my networking background and my life growing up in Los … Continue reading

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Who is Anonymous? [video from Al Jazeera]

Not posted as an endorsement or indictment.  You decide for yourself.  How much do you know about the group known as Anonymous?

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ISIS advances: Both news and a repeat

I have watched the news about the latest developments in Iraq that are at the top of the news feeds in the past few days.  Although I am shocked at the extreme brutality of the recent conflict it was not … Continue reading

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Video: Wealth Inequality in America

I just saw this one on Upworthy.  Sure, it is depressing, but please consider the facts presented in very vivid, graphic form.  This is also a great example of how to present facts in a video.  

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Why you should expect the U.S. to bomb Iran soon…

No Bunker-Buster in US Israeli Arms Deal I have gone over this topic so often it seems that it has unnecessarily preoccupied my time.  However, the inevitable is soon approaching, as alluded to in the article link above.  Even though … Continue reading

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Fact for the Day: Natural Population Increase Worldwide

The above posted graphic link from Wikipedia shows the natural population increase, worldwide.  I post this as a “fact for the day.”  I’m not doing so as any kind of political statement nor should it be used as any kind … Continue reading

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