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10 plus 10 equals what?

I suppose that I ask the question “why?” in response to many situations.  This is one such case: why should I compose this post?  Am I doing it for anyone’s edification besides my own? If so, what are the chances … Continue reading

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It’s already one of those days

Lately, I have been extremely frustrated with the world around me. Generally, I can accept things are as they are and not what I always want.  I count my blessings and do my best to look at the positive aspects … Continue reading

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I have a credit card

After several years of working my way out of the hole I dug by making some bad choices, I can now say I am moving up.  I have a credit card.  No, it is not here in my hands but … Continue reading

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Good for you, Mr. Hughes

Gyro plane flight sends message to Congress Here is a video that was made before the man from Tampa made his flight to the Capitol.  I think what he did makes perfect sense.  If you watch the video, he explains … Continue reading

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It just doesn’t seem right

I have certainly been enjoying the end of the year.  Day after day I have taken in all the college bowl games and they have been great.  Some have been close, some have been blowouts but there have been many … Continue reading

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The after that, after that

I thought I would post on myself today.  A bit of self-inventory on where I am now and what I am looking at into the future. It is close to five years since I made it to Colorado and one … Continue reading

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Video: Wealth Inequality in America

I just saw this one on Upworthy.  Sure, it is depressing, but please consider the facts presented in very vivid, graphic form.  This is also a great example of how to present facts in a video.  

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Clipper Carl

It would be far easier to pull a camel through the eye of a needle than for Donald Sterling to get into Heaven. #nba — Benjamin Tobias (@JesusKrishna) April 29, 2014 I cannot help but think about Clipper Carl now.  … Continue reading

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Thanks for nothing

I have been living on a “cash basis” for the last few years.  This is because I was unable reach a settlement with a credit card company and they have been persistent about taking my money from my accounts that … Continue reading

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So far, so great

I started my move today.  It has gotten off to a great start.  This morning I took possession after paying the rest of November’s rent.  I already had a few things in the car, mostly new things for the new … Continue reading

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