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How I turned the tables on Atheists

for the blog entry of March 28, 2010 All of atheism has been proven wrong. Atheists hate the Bible. They think they can pick it apart. Their favorite attack point is Genesis chapter 6. They say the evidence against it … Continue reading

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Not even close to correct

offered on March 27, 2010 The Catholic Church will have to answer as to WHY THEY HAVE ALLOWED ONE OF THEIR OWN, the BLASPHEMER OF PUERTO RICO to go on insisting that HE IS JESUS CHRIST. You should have SILENCED … Continue reading

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as of March 21, 2010 His name is Jonathan.  He is one of the old timers, an elder statesman, of the MA group where I got sober.  There are a lot of guys there I got along with.  Guys who … Continue reading

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put up on March 10, 2010 On June 30, 2006 I said the quality that best describes Krishna is acceptance. He was the owner and possessor of all opulences.  No matter how much he could have shared, he received in … Continue reading

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I Really Mean It

from February 8, 2010   Despite equivocating denials to the contrary, the regime in Iran is desperate for nuclear weapons.  Here is what I propose: Every nation that has nuclear weapons should send one to Iran, business end first, so … Continue reading

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Triple Fire – Third Degree

added on February 5, 2010 It is really difficult to make the jump here in the story.   The images would pass by so quickly; from Kingswood Village Marina where Matt and I lived when Chris Wallace came up to … Continue reading

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Buddy Christ loves Bob Marley – because he was a Prophet, of course

To the rescue, here I am! This video is a tribute to Bob Marley and the remix of “Sun is Shining.” Bob Marley left us thirty years ago. This version is a bit more upbeat than the original. Enjoy! Peace … Continue reading

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JESUS destroys ATHEISM – Ammunition for Believers

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Democracy promotion: America’s new regime change formula

Video on US-backed Regime Change from RT (Russian Television)

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