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10 plus 10 equals what?

I suppose that I ask the question “why?” in response to many situations.  This is one such case: why should I compose this post?  Am I doing it for anyone’s edification besides my own? If so, what are the chances … Continue reading

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It’s already one of those days

Lately, I have been extremely frustrated with the world around me. Generally, I can accept things are as they are and not what I always want.  I count my blessings and do my best to look at the positive aspects … Continue reading

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I can only stand so much

Since late May, my cable service has been very troublesome.  I realize I live in a fairly small city in a lower income section.  However, that really does not excuse a large company from providing the service I signed up … Continue reading

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So far, so great

I started my move today.  It has gotten off to a great start.  This morning I took possession after paying the rest of November’s rent.  I already had a few things in the car, mostly new things for the new … Continue reading

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Square One

I am happy to report that I have reached “square one.” Last week, I was able to secure a new apartment to live in; the first time I will be living on my own in over six years. Even typing that … Continue reading

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Slowly, but surely, crawling out of the hole

[This post was saved as a draft a few months ago.  I did not publish it, so I will now; there have been some updates I will post in near future] It has been a mind-numbing journey. Over the last … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Bud

We lost a member of our family today. Bud was put to sleep this afternoon after seventeen years full of smiles and good times.  Even though he was not my dog, after almost four years of living under the same … Continue reading

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Where Are They Now?

Did we forget something? When I look back at what transpired in late 2006 to 2007, I think the whole “Adventure with Kenji” was the most confounding and disturbing.  I won’t go into all the details here because it would … Continue reading

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Lost Decade – Part Eleven – The Inhabitation Phenomenon – Third Post – When I Least Expected It

I have meant to continue this series for quite some time.  Due to some technical issues, some physical issues, and having some other higher priority things I have needed to do, I have put it off for a long time.  … Continue reading

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Splintered vision

This another one of my blogs that really is just for myself. If anyone wants to read it, and learn a bit more about me, that’s fine. I’m primarily doing this as a method of record keeping; a kind of … Continue reading

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