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Texas. Like a whole other country?

In the wake of the #Brexit vote there is a recent rise in the use of the #Texit hash tag that has Twitter in a bit of a buzz.  There are also some people in other states that have had … Continue reading

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It’s already one of those days

Lately, I have been extremely frustrated with the world around me. Generally, I can accept things are as they are and not what I always want.  I count my blessings and do my best to look at the positive aspects … Continue reading

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The after that, after that

I thought I would post on myself today.  A bit of self-inventory on where I am now and what I am looking at into the future. It is close to five years since I made it to Colorado and one … Continue reading

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ISIS advances: Both news and a repeat

I have watched the news about the latest developments in Iraq that are at the top of the news feeds in the past few days.  Although I am shocked at the extreme brutality of the recent conflict it was not … Continue reading

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Thanks for nothing

I have been living on a “cash basis” for the last few years.  This is because I was unable reach a settlement with a credit card company and they have been persistent about taking my money from my accounts that … Continue reading

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I just heard yesterday.  I am still stunned to hear someone I knew has taken his own life.  His family has put the following page dedicated to him on Facebook.  I’m a bit embarrassed to say I was unaware until … Continue reading

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Believe it. You have less than seven years left…

Today is SBK day, year 53. In less than seven years it will happen again. I mentioned this on June 30, 2006. Although I have not spent that much time researching it in the long ago past, checking every sixty … Continue reading

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TOP 100 Truthers Movement List | Video

Saw this on YouTube today. A great reference for those interested in “truthers.” I do not endorse or necessarily agree with everything that all of them say but it all worth considering. The videos description: These rankings will be from … Continue reading

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What I said and what I would like to see done about it

Sometimes it seems like I write blogs for no reason at all. The whole exercise reminds me of what my entire life has felt like: an endless “piss in the wind.”  At the same time, I don’t want people who … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Stringbean

I was in town, taking a stroll while my laptop needed rebooting and happened upon this mural nearby.  There were also a few inscriptions written with large chalk pieces on the ground.  Jason is gone and I didn’t know why. After … Continue reading

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