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I like to stretch, kick, and stretch. I’m 50!

Incredibly to me, I am 50 years old today. I did not believe I would make it this far. Considering all the things people told me over the years, I expected my life to turn out differently. I understood I … Continue reading

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The Right to be Wrong

Today’s blog is addressed toward the events that were mentioned in this article: LA Times article on the controversy of Atheist’s displays in Palisades Park There is so much I could say about this that I am not sure where … Continue reading

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Are you feeling me now?

from the blog posting of April 4, 2010 Hey, Cali.  Do you miss me? BONG!  HITS FOR JESUS! Como estan mi jente en GUADALUPE VICTORIA? I just thought I would let you know I sealed the Shepherd-Reaper staff today.  I … Continue reading

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The Numbskull of Puerto Rico

from March 30, 2010 Let us look at this logically. Forget for one minute that I am Benjamin quien es Jesus, el R 13 de Los Angeles, el Coyote, El Salvador, Chupacabra Numero Uno, y Daddy Yankee realmente and the … Continue reading

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How I turned the tables on Atheists

for the blog entry of March 28, 2010 All of atheism has been proven wrong. Atheists hate the Bible. They think they can pick it apart. Their favorite attack point is Genesis chapter 6. They say the evidence against it … Continue reading

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Another Meaningless Tick of the Cosmic Clock

originally posted February 1, 2010 I have used that expression before. “It’s just another tick of the Cosmic Clock.” It was my way of trying to get past the pain.  In the big scheme of things, perhaps from God’s perspective, … Continue reading

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Christmas 2007

for December 25, 2009 What I remember about the end of 2007. I left Los Angeles after going broke: a pointless chase after nothing, all the miracles that I predicted occurring, losing my sobriety and sanity, and being forced out.  … Continue reading

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Irony Irony Irony

on the blog December 24, 2009 Yeah, I saw it. A crazy lady attacked Benedict the Usurper.  Score one for the crazy ladies! I have plenty of issues with ladies.  Some ladies have really messed me up, mostly by not … Continue reading

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My middle name is not "Fucking"

explained on June 30, 2006 and published December 22, 2009 (with a minor adjustment) Okay? I am not Jesus Fucking Christ. I feel like punching in everyone’s face who exclaims “Jesus Fucking Christ” when something goes wrong. You are all … Continue reading

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