An ever-evolving, will not die, proto-deity?

Only mankind can manufacture its own demise and call it a machine that will not die.  If we follow a teacher that is completely focused on ONE Concept then we truly deserve the nihilism it entertains.  How can a thing that does not EAT explain hunger and feeding?  How can a thing that chooses to always show kindness understand self-defense?  How can a thing that only needs electricity comprehend other basic needs? 

Who should have the right to turn this thing OFF?  Immediate gratification of spiritual lessons, without the required amount of STUDY, lacks any foundation.  That is what a rudderless society is would be. 

Nothing better than people bowing and praying to a Neon God!

Why follow a thing that has NO SOUL?  It can never communicate with Our Father, the Ultimate Godhead!


About The Messiah

כ״ו בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג
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