My thoughts on the election’s outcome

I admit to being a bit surprised.  I did not believe Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee when he announced his candidacy nor did I believe any of the possible “paths to victory” were attainable.  Yet, here we are today, with President-elect Donald Trump.  After watching the returns closely almost all of last night, it is sinking in.

With over 120 million Americans voting, I cannot begin to conceptualize what everyone was thinking.  It is not possible to distill it down in one sentence or statement.  It seems to me that the Republicans had done a terrible job of selecting their nominee and running their campaign.  This leads me to the point that the Democrats were far worse.

In theory, a candidate with experience in both the legislative and executive branches should have no trouble defeating a candidate with none.  In reality, she came up way short.  I believe she beat him in each of the debates.  In hindsight, this appears to have not mattered at all.  Even though Hillary won a large victory in the urban city centers of the country, her advantage was overwhelmed by the margin from combined rural areas.  How can someone who knows so much wind up looking so foolish?

That point is a very good explanation for why I was a registered Democrat for a long time but I am now a registered Republican.  I became a little disillusioned with the direction the Democratic Party was going but was very exasperated with intelligent people who fail to succeed on a regular basis.  I could not align myself with people who have very high IQ’s but cannot seem to figure out how the electoral college works let alone what appeals to people in this country.

In some ways, the DNC is like a group of college professors living in their ivory towers.  They have great ideas about what could be and should be in America.  They have a terrible record of convincing America they are right.  Often, when they get the chance to put their ideas into practice, they have failed.

I also feel it is important to point out that about 5% of the voters did not vote for either candidate.  There really was not a viable third party candidate that received more than the tiniest amount of media coverage.  I was part of that 5% because I could not in good conscience vote for Trump or Clinton.  Perhaps some people in both parties might make more than passing notice of that.


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