It is a time for change

I have been thinking about making some changes in my life.  I have for many important reasons demarked my life into ten-year periods.  Now is the beginning of a new decade and I have decided to clean things up and look ahead.

The first change is to my email address.  Although it might seem trivial to some that I consider an email change to be significant, for me it is.  The email address I have been using for the last ten years included part of my name and the city I lived in at the time.  Since I have not lived there for many years it seems to me to be a detail that has lingered for too long.  Certainly, not all of my memories of that place are positive and I see this as a way to sever some bad feeling from my life.

I believe I am on my way to a greater metamorphosis with some of these changes but like the ten year period I am looking ahead to, it will take some time.


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