Texas. Like a whole other country?

In the wake of the #Brexit vote there is a recent rise in the use of the #Texit hash tag that has Twitter in a bit of a buzz.  There are also some people in other states that have had aspirations of going it alone without the rest of the United States.  Is this realistic?  Could any of it happen?

At first it all seems like nonsense to me.  Besides the fact that leaving the Union is not allowed and could set off a civil war and all previous attempts to vote a state out of the Union have failed, I want to consider some of the factors involved in this scenario.  Growing up in California, I know how many people liked to talk about how great the state is and how large the economy is.  This largely ignores the fact that part of the state’s power derives from the fact it is part of the United States and leaving the country would most likely have a severe detrimental effect on it.  I think it is also worth noting that all attempts to divide California into smaller states (two parts, three parts, and even six parts) have all failed.  Can cutting off your nose to spite your face ever be a good idea?


Let’s say that Texas could somehow engineer an amicable divorce from the rest of the country.  My most recent experiences in Texas might lead me to feel if that is what they want, then let them leave.  However, I will try to leave my personal feelings out of this.  There are plenty of federal assets in Texas.  Is it reasonable to think that Texas could just appropriate all of that?  No, there would have to be some kind of division of that property that makes some kind of legal sense.

With Texas consisting of about 8.5% of the total US population I think it is fair that an independent Texas assumes 8.5% of the United States’ national debt.  They did their part in running it up and they should pay it down in fair proportion.  What about all the Army, Navy, Air Force and other Defense department assets?  I think they should be required to return all of that to the rest of the country because it mostly belongs to the rest of the country.  Okay, maybe let them keep about 8.5% of all of that.  If you want to go it alone Texas, you will have to defend yourself.  Maybe the rest of the country will agree to some kind of defense alliance, in case you somehow get into a conflict with Mexico.  We haven’t forgotten the Alamo, either.

Oh, and since Texas might want to be their own country again, like they used to be, they won’t have the bureaucratic Social Security Administration taking and giving them money.  I am sure that your citizens will love keeping their Texas dollars (or whatever your new currency will be) and not paying Social Security taxes.  But what about the Texans who currently receive Social Security benefits?  They would be cut off, I would assume.  Your new government looks like it is going to have to raise a lot more tax revenue to take care of those people.  Does this really sound like a good solution to your perceived problem?

My view is that you really should keep your boats out of US territorial waters because we might perceive that as a hostile act.  You have plenty of coastline so stay in your section of the Gulf, too.  I am sure there would be plenty of other US citizens in the Gulf of Mexico that might perceive a stray Texas watercraft to be a hostile act and shoot first and ask questions later.  For all you know we might cast the Texas terrorists as the bad guys.  Who knows?  The rest of the country might not want you crossing our borders on land, either.  Consider traveling elsewhere with your new Texas passports if we don’t want to issue visas to Texans.

Texas has plenty to be proud of and could envision a scenario where independence sounds like a terrific idea.  Seriously though, please consider all the ramifications of this decision.  I know that many people like me would not be too hasty to let you back “deep into our hearts” a second time.


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