It’s already one of those days

Lately, I have been extremely frustrated with the world around me.

Generally, I can accept things are as they are and not what I always want.  I count my blessings and do my best to look at the positive aspects of my life.  However, it seems almost everything around me is not getting done the right way at almost every turn.

What I think makes all this worse is that I have plenty of time and very little money.  I try to realize that everyone else is on a different schedule and has different priorities and that I need to try to match their pace.  It makes me feel like screaming.

I need some maintenance done around this unit and it seems like we have a screw up followed by other screw ups.  I have been without my car for over two months and we cannot seem to get all the pieces together.  My computer is sometimes one glitch after another.  I have a headache because I must be figuratively hitting my head against a wall.

Time to go back to counting my blessings. . .


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