I knew it, didn’t I?

I believe that all of us are psychic.  Even before reading some studies that have proven our brains have some level of foreknowledge, I have believed it.  I think that people are somehow conditioned to think of psychic abilities as nonsense and therefore discount any claims that anyone could know anything ahead of time.  I believe that all of us could embrace our innate ability for foreknowledge, exercise it, and be better at knowing what lies ahead.

That might have been an odd way to begin the post on this subject, but what happened today does not piqué my interest so much about what happened but all the mental and psychological angles on it that came to me.

I have a Chinese made 150 cc scooter.  I have had it a few years, and as happens for many who have machines like mine, there are many issues that crop up from time to time.  Many people in the know have stated that when you own one of these machines “you are always wrenching on them.”

Recently, I have had a charging issue.  I had replaced the regulator-rectifier on it some years ago and thought at first it needed replacement.  After watching a video on YouTube on how to troubleshoot such an issue I got out my multimeter and began testing.  After double checking my results it appeared one side of the stator was generating enough voltage, but the other was not.  I had yet to pull the cover off the stator and was a bit reluctant to do so.  The stator sits inside a flywheel and since the flywheel is on a tapered shaft it cannot be easily pulled off.  You need a special tool to do that and I had collected the parts I needed but had not drilled the holes yet.  I thought I was going to do that yesterday, but had a bad previous night and just wasn’t up to it.  My plan was to do that today.

Last night, I went out with some of my local scooter friends and since the place we met up was close by I believed I still had enough battery power to get there and back.  Since the battery would be draining slowly I backed out early, a bit embarrassed, because I did not think I could complete a possible drive around at night.

I got home even more determined to get this problem fixed today.  As I thought about it I did what I call a bit of a psychic exercise.  Perhaps it could be called a logic exercise but I was focused on determining if I could “see it” before I looked.  Knowing what the problem’s symptoms are I tried to anticipate what the cause was.  There are a few reasons that could cause it but when I thought about the possibility that there could be a piece of debris in the magneto, which would interfere with AC being generated I had a “good feeling” about that.  I believed when I pulled the stator’s cover off that I would find something attached to the magneto that was causing the problem.

Today I pulled the cover off and immediately noticed there was something wedged on the left side of the magneto.  I had the immediate satisfaction of feeling I had seen it before I looked.  I wasn’t sure what it was, it was sort of gray-silver: I thought it looked like a piece of duct tape.  I began to remove the fan from the flywheel and this dropped out.


I immediately recognized what that is but my reaction was denial.  I know it’s an exhaust gasket but refused to believe it was.  This is the odd psychological angle.  I continued to unbolt the fan to see where this piece is supposed to go.  Should that have been between the fan and the flywheel?  No, of course not!  I was then able to “accept” that this item is an exhaust gasket that has no place in the stator assembly.

I am beyond actually being angry at this point.  I replaced the stock exhaust years ago.  I remember thinking when I took the old exhaust out, “why isn’t there a gasket in there?”  I added a special gasket, similar to this one, when I installed the new exhaust.  I remember thinking that not using a gasket was a really stingy way the bike company could save a buck.

Now it seems when they assembled this thing some worker thought the gasket belonged in this spot, between the fan and the flywheel, and not between the engine block and the exhaust. 

I find that to be a bit disturbing.


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