I have a credit card

After several years of working my way out of the hole I dug by making some bad choices, I can now say I am moving up.  I have a credit card.  No, it is not here in my hands but I know I have been approved and my credit card account is online with the bank.  It might not seem like a noteworthy event, but for me this is a real milestone.

It is a secured card: I have given the bank cash to receive this privilege.  I had recently tried to get some of the easy to secure credit lines but was denied.  I wanted to avoid this type of arrangement but I had come to realize this was my only option left.  After spending time paying off the old bad debts and waiting for the others to be removed from my report that I could not negotiate down, I was left in the “too thin a credit history” scenario.  Although I have been paying off my bills regularly, and have been a good tenant for almost two years, none of these entities report to the credit bureaus.

Now I can begin to move up, a small step at a time, to being a well documented bill payer.  As long as I am dutiful for a year, which I have every intention of being, I will graduate to a non-secured card in one year.  I also look forward to getting my cash back at that time.

This really has no impact on my self-worth or even my immediate plans for the future.  However, this does change that what the rest of the world perceives of me.  Honestly, I really don’t care about that but as I have found out, that has a large impact on what I am able to do in this world.  For the first time in many years, I feel like I am moving on from the past.

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