Really Not Happening

I guess when it rains, it’s a Toxic Flood.

I have joked in the past about how one of my powers is command over all things electrical.  I could not have been more wrong as it looks today.  I have had some electrical issues with both of my gas-powered rides lately.  The short version of the problems with the scooter is that it can start and run, but not shut off.  I expect that’s a bad kill switch and so I have added it to the list of things I want to do, to take one last swing at this Chinese POS, before I sell it for parts.

The other day, a friend from the Scooterist group said I could borrow some tools because when I tried to get into the CVT long box, twelve of the thirteen bolts came out easily enough but the last one wouldn’t budge.  I could not run over to his place to pick them up because my car’s battery was dead.  I have been working around some kind of “parasitic drain” with a disconnect knob for about a year now.  I thought I had used it but the dead battery caught me off guard.  I recharged it two days ago and then drove to Delta and back and it seemed to run fine as I watched the gauges like a hawk.

Today it started okay and I took the long route to Home Depot and Sears.  I seemed to get everything I needed and then some: I never seem to have any problem buying things.  While at Sears, I tried to apply for a card at the counter and was denied.  I heard many years ago that a Sears card was one of the best ways to build some credit, and did that as a teenager.  I still went through with my purchase but I admit being a bit perturbed as I left the store and returned to my car.

I started it up and it seemed a bit hesitant.  My volt gauge has always not worked properly and has usually reported about 10 volts charge, regardless.  Just lowering the windows caused the gauge to bounce and I knew I was in trouble.  My thought was to run out to Fruita on I-70 and if the battery did not begin to charge up I would drop it off at the Western Slope Auto Center.  Much to my further dismay, the meter plummeted as I drove and finally the car quit about three miles from WSA.

I was so flustered I thought I would just walk it, but it was a little further than I thought.  I left my purchases and the keys in the car, which is really not like me.  Today it was about 95 and kinda hazy as I walked eastward on Highway 6 & 50.  Thanks to Elite Towing and WSA , the car is at the shop and I’m back home in one piece.

I have a very strong attachment to my vehicle despite it’s problems and I joked with the young lady that shuttled me back that I have it, and not a wife or girlfriend.  In my mind, the car and I had a conversation today:

Another Crappy Curse Comes True

Me: Thanks for taking me out today to get some stuff for the bike.  I’m sorry about the battery thing the other day.

Car: What battery thing?

Me: We’re still good, right?  I noticed how you ran hot on that unscheduled trip to LA and back and got you to Big O Tires for a coolant flush.  Wasn’t that good?  You’ve been pretty smooth lately, despite the intense heat.

Car: You spend too much time with that Chinese good-for-nothing.  You should pay more attention to me.

Me: The main reason I have the scooter is to save you from too much wear and tear.  I have the scooter for both of us.

Car: I feel I have a recall coming on.  Take me to Western Slope Auto.

Me: We should be getting a couple checks in any day now.  I promise to take you in when I have the money.

Car: I want to go to Western Slope Auto now.

Me: They really prefer we make an appointment.  I know we’ve put some stuff off for a while but I’ll call next week and make an appointment.  We can’t get all the parts you need.


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