Does it mean anything at all?

There was a time during the “Year in the Dog Park” where I described how humanity had a choice to make.  Were we going to choose the red ball or the blue ball?  Did the world’s population have the ability to make the choices to keep our world beautiful, clean, and blue or would we collectively annihilate the planet?  Would we turn the Earth into a hellish and dead world: the red ball?

While I was doing what I understood I had to do to assure that the world would be saved a second time, I also collected two small balls; one red and one blue.  The red one was very vivid and the blue one was very blue with some while surface areas.  I really liked that one as it resembled a very blue watery world with cloud formations.  Before I left most everything behind in California in 2009, I placed both in a yarn pouch and kept them with other meaningful, but admittedly inexpensive, items.

A couple of days ago, I decided to clean my apartment and dispose of some useless things I had accumulated of the past few years.  I went through all the bags, pouches, and boxes of things I had stored all throughout my place.  I opened the pouch with the two rubber balls and noticed the colors had changed over the years.  Even though they were not exposed to light hardly at all, the color changes were noticeable.

The red ball is not nearly as vivid and has a slightly orange tint to it.  It is still basically a red ball.  The blue one is now definitely green.  Not even a blue-green variety, but distinctly green.  Does it mean anything at all?  I am still pondering it myself.

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