Good for you, Mr. Hughes

Gyro plane flight sends message to Congress

Here is a video that was made before the man from Tampa made his flight to the Capitol.  I think what he did makes perfect sense.  If you watch the video, he explains why campaign finance reform is necessary before other important changes in this country can occur.  I think his idea is a perfect form of non-violent demonstration that can gain the attention the issue deserves.

However, I am sure that while people will know about what he did, there is very little chance that it will bring the change he intended.  I completely agree with him that the largest money interest have controlled Congress for a long time and that ordinary citizen’s concerns have been mostly ignored.  The topic of campaign finance reform has been brought up many times, that I can recall, since I was a teenager.  The situation has not improved since then, and in many ways, has only gotten worse.  Still, I commend him for doing what he did and I believe he should receive the lightest possible punishment for breaking the law the way he did.

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