Much ado about … Seth Rogen?

Although I would love to make a video about the recent hack on Sony Pictures, I think the above clip does an adequate job.  My particular interest does stem from my networking background and my life growing up in Los Angeles, near to the entertainment industry.  I have followed some of the media coverage of this “act of war” and my immediate reaction is: this is complete nonsense.

In our reality where all the different worlds intersect (technology, politics, entertainment, etc.) this is a rather droll example.  Am I really supposed to believe that Seth Rogen, as much an everyman as you could select today, is now a heroic figure in the struggle against an oppressive regime?  It is entirely possible.  However, as indicated by the video above, he is merely a sympathetic actor in what is most likely a justification of further curtailing our personal freedoms in the future.  Despite the threat that North Korea has posed to people all over the world, mostly in an indirect way, they are a very convenient “boogeyman.”  Is this just a preamble for an argument to justify imposing a “digital tyranny” on us to protect us from the threat from a more threatening tyranny?

You decide?


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