The after that, after that

>My newest imageI thought I would post on myself today.  A bit of self-inventory on where I am now and what I am looking at into the future.

It is close to five years since I made it to Colorado and one year since I moved into this apartment.  In many ways, I have been in a hovering pattern all this time.  I have spent a lot of effort to clean up some of the wreckage from the “chase after nothing” that began just over eight years ago.

On the good side, my credit has recovered and is now at around “normal and average.”  Although I am not looking at making any large purchases or securing loans, it is a bit of comfort that if an emergency arises, I might be in the place to get credit of some kind.  Since I have been in the risk-averse mode for these five years, it is something I feel I have earned.

Physically, I feel more than my age.  The early part of the year has seen me gain some considerable weight and I have struggled to get that under control.  I have not weighed myself and I have had some trouble motivating myself, as I did several years ago, to get into better shape.  I think as I have slowly worked my way out of a psychological funk; I expect to make some progress in that area.

My vehicles have been a different story.  I have had a number of issues come up with my car and have spent far too much money keeping it running.  I am still not done and am a bit perplexed as to why I am having all these troubles.  Sure, the car is quite old, but I am still reluctant to let go of it for many reasons.  I have a peculiar fondness for it; a bit of sentimentality that transcends years and logic.  Perhaps it is time to let it go, bit I am still not at that point.

I have also had some issues with my scooter and have not been able to isolate those problems.  Here, I am a bit closer to letting it go to someone who might have better luck with it.  As I am in a better place for bike riding, I just might not even bother replacing it.  However, as I am fond of some of my scooting friends I still want to be able to engage in those activities.  I think I will give myself until the end of the year to decide which way I am going to approach this dilemma.

I have also given plenty of thought about why I should still live where I am, and if I do decide to move, where that should be.  I have some ideas about what else I should be doing with my life, given I have survived to this “after that, after that” stage that remains the complete unknown, unprophesied part.  I hope to receive some direction from above about this.  Hopefully, all the other decisions will become easier to make when that occurs.

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