I can only stand so much

Since late May, my cable service has been very troublesome.  I realize I live in a fairly small city in a lower income section.  However, that really does not excuse a large company from providing the service I signed up for.

The television signal, which is a more robust aspect of the service, has not been interrupted.  It has often been weak, resulting in tiling hiccups.  The modem, and the dependent phone service, has been offline most of the time.  I have already had service appointments on June 3rd and 18th, but the problem remains.

I am not concerned with whom installed the wiring and other hardware.  With the frequent cable company change overs we could assign blame to Bressnan, or Optimum, or Charter, or even another prior provider.  The result is: I will not pay for services I do not receive.

Cancelling seems my last option at this point and I am reluctant to do that.  Not having TV service at all seems like going back to the Stone Age and I do not believe my landlord will even allow satellite dish installation.  Telephone and DSL service also would feel like a big step backwards.

I have once again found myself in the position where I will have to move in the near future.

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One Response to I can only stand so much

  1. The Messiah says:

    Charter tech came out today and it looks like we have it straightened out. I had been saying since the first visit that part of the connection between my home and the junction box was to blame. It took three visits to get someone to adjust/replace all the connection points on the line. As long as it stays stable for a long time I guess I can take it in stride. Really, what choice do I have?

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