ISIS advances: Both news and a repeat

I have watched the news about the latest developments in Iraq that are at the top of the news feeds in the past few days.  Although I am shocked at the extreme brutality of the recent conflict it was not a surprise since it was reminiscent of a post I shared three years ago when Sunni leaders in Iraq joined forces with rebels.

There are differences in what was happening then and now, but the causes are the same.  I am not the type of person to place the blame on one person; namely our President, as so many seem to do.  I am not blaming or defending him.  It seems more an indictment of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, than anyone else.

As an American, what is so discouraging is that our country has invested so much in this region and watching it get captured and squandered in such a rapid fashion.  What also makes this troublesome is that no mater what help we might further extend will help Assad in Syria and to a lesser extent, the military autocracy in Iran.

Also, I cannot avoid thinking back to the time when I spoke about America’s return to this part of the world back in 1995: I really don’t believe I expected things to turn out as badly as it has.


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