Thanks for nothing

I have been living on a “cash basis” for the last few years.  This is because I was unable reach a settlement with a credit card company and they have been persistent about taking my money from my accounts that a court has let them attach.  This has made things quite difficult but as I have mentioned in this space, I am making some slow progress.

The last few months, every time I have gone to see the tellers in person, they have told me about a credit card offer from the bank.  I had refused these offers, but after a number of times I thought I would go ahead and get back into the purchase by credit card routine.  If done judiciously, it would be a good way of building credit again.

As I went through the application procedure, with a very amicable officer of the bank, I realized that I was NOT pre-approved.  It sunk in that this would not get approved, but it seemed a bit odd the bank would make this offer to me anyway.  Perhaps being a good customer for a few years might be enough to tip the approval process.

My card application was refused.  Even though the bank sent me a detailed letter as to the reasons for their refusal I have only given this document a cursory glance.  Will this hit on my credit hurt much?  A little bit, for a little while.  However, now they won’t bother me about getting a credit card for some time and I guess that’s worth something.  As far as their offer for a “secured card” they can take that and shove it.

So, as I entitled this piece, thanks for nothing.

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