So far, so great

I started my move today.  It has gotten off to a great start.  This morning I took possession after paying the rest of November’s rent.  I already had a few things in the car, mostly new things for the new place.  A few trips back and forth and a few more stops at Bed, Bath & Beyond and my body told me it was time to stop.

I already have a good feeling about my fortress of solitude.  I’m not sure what part is best but it all comes down to privacy.  Having kitchen, bathroom, and living space all to my own has already given me an uplift.  Today was a good reminder that of all the rooms, you have to get the bathroom squared away first and the other rooms can wait.

Even though it is a bit early, I believe it will be quieter here as well at night.  The last place was in a remote spot, but just off the highway.  It could be still for hours, then a big rig would roll past and shake the windows.  I won’t miss that at all.

I’ll continue on this topic after I get my new furnishings and cable hookup.

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