My recent lucky streak

I have been on a bit of a lucky streak…

Last weekend, during the High Desert Gathering, we had a raffle and I won two prizes: a drink holder for my scooter and a Hoodaroo hoodie.  Since the Hoodaroo was a size medium I wound up exchanging it with another winner.  She isn’t local and took the hoodie in exchange for two tickets to last night’s Young Dubliners‘ show at Mesa Theater.

I decided to go with my former housemate, Chris, and was looking forward to it.  As I was getting some work done around here, my new friends in the High Desert Scooterist group gave me a “heads up” on a customer appreciation event at the Motorcycle Accessories store.  This is one of the best stores on the slope and particularly supportive of our scooter community.  Free hot dogs, some Hooters girls, and a raffle.  It ended right before I was going to pick up Chris, who lives just a few blocks away.  Really, no reason not to go.

Everyone who showed got a raffle ticket.  I saw a few of my friends there and it was nice just to hang out there for a while.  A bit of drizzle negated the plan to have the girls from Hooters do a “car wash” but I held onto my ticket hoping to get yet another free prize.

I won the big prize in the raffle: a Fly Racing Tourist modular helmet which I really wanted.  I had been thinking about getting a new helmet for months and just couldn’t seem to decide which to get.  It was perfect and I did not restrain myself from showing my enthusiasm.

Chris and I went to Rockslide Brewery for dinner before the show. If you’ve never seen them live, the Dubliners put on a very good show and there was a large crowd of loyal fans there.  This weekend has already gotten off to a screamin’ great start.

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