Looking better all the time

This past Saturday I went to the “Hot Summer Nights” auto show at Allen Unique Autos. This museum is the big attraction for auto enthusiasts on the Western Slope. In its third year of existence, the show has grown to a limit of 100 entries. I was one of them, and no I did not win my division.

I’m not really disappointed. The Dirty Bird and I are still in the “we’re just happy to be here” stage. I have really been putting a lot of time and money into it and this show was my latest deadline for getting some important work done.

Recently, I had the battery, ignition switch and headlight switches replaced. That trip to the repair shop resulted in some damage to the car’s interior that left me very dissatisfied. I had to replace the hood release after I had the fuel pump replaced and the AC converted and repaired. After getting two new tires and the wheels balanced my appointment to get an alignment also resulted in new front pads and rotors plus a new rack and pinion. Having to sit for more than 18 months had really ruffled the Dirty Bird’s feathers.  The stereo has stopped functioning properly and I know it needs to be replaced.

As I had done with previous cars, I let the professionals deal with work I did not have the space or the tools to do while I fix up the interior.  Everything I can get to under the hood is also my responsibility.  I had been looking to replace the center console but was unable to find parts anywhere, offline or online, until I tried a salvage yard in Delta, CO (about half an hour’s drive south).  Luckily for me, they have three possible donor cars there.

scalednewconsolePictured above is the entirely replaced center console.  After washing two layers of mud off everything and painting it all black, it went right into place.  I really like the shifter knob because it is just like the one I had but with the chrome looking inserts on the sides.  I also picked up new rear speaker covers with the same chrome looking inserts on the upper line.  Even though these were from slightly older cars than mine, I think it looks updated.

There are more improvements needed that will make it more of a contender at future car shows but as I was told by some of the real heavyweights, I’m getting there. There are some real automotive artiste’s in this area and they seem to agree with my vision for what this vehicle should look like.  Getting their approval was worth the price of admission.

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