I hereby declare the Curse to be over

The Curse is over.  I will not mention what happened thirty five years ago and how it seemed every year there was a chance something bad, if not nearly fatal, happened every June 29th.  This year I thumbed my nose at the idea and took my car to a charity car show event.  I won first prize.  No, I’m kidding about that; no prizes were awarded.  Afterward, I was glad that I tempted the history of that day and withstood the intense heat to donate to a children’s charity and let some of my car’s fans talk to me about my ride.


The local paper ran a picture from the event and that’s me in the light blue oval. My car is obscured in this photo, but I was between the Cougar and the Corvette. I guess in some ways my car is something between a Cougar and a Corvette. I had a good time talking to some of the guests and other folks who brought their cars. I had meant to clean it up a lot more but it really wouldn’t be the “Dirty Bird” if I had got it to immaculate condition. For me, it really was about being glad to be there. Just getting it up and running and being able to drive legally had been a challenge.

I also made a bit of an appearance on CBS local news. Below is a link to the KREX article and if you watch the video my car is in the last shot, again between a Cougar and a Corvette.

KREX CBS link to Charity Car Show Story

I had to add the beauty shot…



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