Where Are They Now?

Did we forget something?

When I look back at what transpired in late 2006 to 2007, I think the whole “Adventure with Kenji” was the most confounding and disturbing.  I won’t go into all the details here because it would take too long.  In the course of the Charade that took place while I still lived in Marina del Rey, I was under the impression I had given the authorization to “get rid of him.”

openmouthnic45Sure, that seems very cold-hearted, but at the time it made sense to me.  However, I was extremely distraught over it.  I consider it the main reason why I developed intense pain and pressure behind my eyes that I could only relieve by getting drunk.  Drinking after being sober for seven years at the time was very disappointing.  I was also on the verge of going completely broke (the Adventure was very expensive) and on the verge of losing almost every last material possession I could call mine.

Here is the YouTube video I uploaded from the Adventure . . .

Astonishingly, I realized after I went through a very difficult stint in a halfway house, Kenji was alive after all.  I really felt like I had been had.  I realized I had tortured myself to a great extent over nothing.

Which brings us to now.  I realized more recently that I read far too much into the Charade and that I allowed too many people to play a dangerous game with my life before I was able to see and hear things for what they are.  I have on occasion looked up some of these people I want nothing to do with ever again, just to make sure I avoid them if I ever venture out of the Grand Valley again.

Well, here’s what Kenji has been up to.  I hope you realize that I am not trying to derive any pleasure from his misfortune.

Kenji arrested in September 2012 in Colorado

Kenji arrested in December 2012 in California

FUKUSHIMA45When I last spoke with him and realized he was alive he was allegedly in North Carolina in 2008.  If you read the Colorado link, he was picked up and allegedly linked to a stolen SUV from Pittsburgh.  Barely three months later, he was picked up for a petty street crime in California.  I wonder how he managed that?  The sketchy details you can glean from these links have much in common with our little Adventure, except I was trying to persuade him NOT to do these types of things.  I suppose I feel a bit sad that even I could not steer him in the right direction with any lasting effect.  I might as well have been trying to pour water into a bucket with its lid on.

So, what could be the reason why Kenji has been acting this way for, I’m guessing, two decades?  Is it because family and society have failed him?  Is it because he refuses to act responsibly under any circumstances?  Is it the drugs and alcohol?  Is it because he’s a shape-shifter?  My experience tells me the real answer is: all of the above.

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