My stupid smartphone

I am posting this from my phone, and that is what this post is about.  My phone, an HTC EVO.  I am having a terrible time with it now.

Here is the problem.  Obsolescence, of the planned variety.  It has a significant amount of memory space to work with, but *it* says it is not enough.  I have added a few apps myself, but have moved all I can to the internal SD card.  The EVO still wants more room, most particularly to accommodate the Facebook app.

Besides the over 20 Mb required, the app needs more than 10 Mb for data.  Heaven forbid you want this app to sync regularly then the OS’s required apps take up all the onboard space. Required apps like Kindle, Blockbuster, and Hangouts.  Seriously; gimme a break.  I’ll also mention that if I allow the Facebook app to sync regularly, then other apps have a very difficult time getting updates.  

Of course, my carrier and phone manufacturer have no incentive to fix this.  They want me to shell out at least 100 bucks for a new phone with more space.  This had been going on the computer world for a long time; the solution for running all the large programs was just “buy more RAM.”  However, with a portable device with a limited amount of, and rapidly diminishing, useful battery power time it is even more frustrating.

Do you have similar issues with your phone?  Like I have to ask.

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