I just heard yesterday.  I am still stunned to hear someone I knew has taken his own life.  His family has put the following page dedicated to him on Facebook.  I’m a bit embarrassed to say I was unaware until last night.

Memorial for Travis Edward Flynn

Travis.  I’m not sure I can add anything as loving as his family has done with the Facebook page.  I spoke with him often; we spent a lot of time at the same coffee shops and he was one of my favorite people to talk to.  Alarmingly witty, always upbeat, wonderfully hiding his true agony from all but the most keenly observant.  His knowledge of different faiths gave us a broad common ground.

One time I took him to task and made clear to him what I thought of him.  Of course, looking back, I feel some regret at being too harsh.  At the time it seemed necessary, I thought, because someone as strong-willed as Travis can easily dismiss a kind suggestion.  Even though I really did unload on him verbally I know he understood it did not mean I hated him.  I did what I did because I cared.

My last memory of Travis was when he was about to move to the Front Range to attend CSU he mentioned I should contact him if I ever got to Fort Collins.  I told him I would.  Recently I was considering, for the first time realistically, going past the Divide to that region.  Contacting him there was my plan.  Now, I can’t do that.


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