Believe it. You have less than seven years left…

English: Ruhollah Khomeini in France فارسی: ام...

Today is SBK day, year 53. In less than seven years it will happen again. I mentioned this on June 30, 2006. Although I have not spent that much time researching it in the long ago past, checking every sixty years, it is due again.

Approximately April 25, 2020 is when the next round of SBK’s will be born: volatile and dangerous people just like Ruhollah Khomeini and my sister. Question is: what are you going to do about it?

Do you have the discipline, the foresight, and the trust in me to avoid it? All you would have to do is refrain from procreative acts about eight or nine months before the above mentioned date.

You have been warned.

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