On The Road Again – Almost

Another Crappy Curse Comes TrueIt has taken so long to get all of this straightened out I can barely believe I made it to this point.

Despite some very difficult obstacles to overcome I am “On the Road Again – Almost.”  What I mean by that is I have a driver’s license and a license plate for my car.  The only thing that is keeping me from taking a victory lap around town is that the car is not running due to an electrical problem.  The electrical problem is directly related to not being able to drive the car for almost two years.  It is more than just a dead battery, but hopefully not much more than that.

Now, to begin with, I want you to know that I assume most of the responsibility for what went wrong.  I made some bad decisions, that made sense at the time, but seem very foolish in retrospect.  However, I received absolutely no help in getting this mess rectified.

After leaving California, soon after my Dad passed away, I realized I did not have the car’s title with me.  The title was buried deep in the abandoned storage space and I had no way of retrieving it.  The space was arranged in such a way that one person in good health, which I certainly was not at that time, could not get it out alone.  California would not send me a new title unless I showed up in California in person.  I was unable to get anyone in California to do this favor for me.  This forced me to make a special trip back to California, a very large expense for me, just to swear to them in person that the car really is mine.  Let it be known to all now; I have NO friends in California anymore.

The driver’s license ordeal was even more painful.  Basically, I was ticketed for being “criminally poor.”  I went through some very painful exchanges with local law enforcement while I was waiting for my Dad to die, that resulted in a couple of lower-end, non-moving violations.  Since I could not be reached, the courts sent these citations to a collections agency.  I soon found out I owed them almost $3,000.  I had paid this monstrous amount off almost two years ago.  However, the California DMW (Mandatory Action Unit) would not release my license because, from their perspective, I had “failed to appear.”  In short, even though I had paid off the debt, the courthouse did not tell the DMV I had paid off the fines and had left the state.  The proper division at the courthouse cannot be reached by phone, nor can this issue be addressed online.  Eventually, I reached the right person at the collection agency  by phone, said the right words, sent the right documentation to the right person at the courthouse, with the additional right amount of money, to get people at the courthouse to do what they should have done in the first place about two years ago.  After a perfect score on the written exam and a nearly perfect driving test at a private tester; I am a licensed driver again.

Of course, my Dad’s girlfriend who must have helped direct the arrangement of my long ago abandoned property in that storage space, walked off with about $400,000 of my Dad’s estate after about three years of being his consort.  I am still in a financial hole because I have lost money barely holding onto a sliver’s worth of a pie my late Mother made sure I would receive no matter what my Dad decided to do before his demise.

Does it sound like I still have some resentments?  Yes, I suppose I do.  Have I decided to forgive everyone for what they did or chose not to do?  No, I do not let people off that easy anymore.  Besides, not one of them has asked me to forgive them because none of them think they did anything wrong by me.  Forgiveness is wonderful but I never told anyone that believing in me should lead you to being taken advantage of for your entire life.  However, I do not plan on doing anything to any of them in an attempt to get even with them.

Do you think I should bless them?  Seriously?

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