Why you should expect the U.S. to bomb Iran soon…

No Bunker-Buster in US Israeli Arms Deal

I have gone over this topic so often it seems that it has unnecessarily preoccupied my time.  However, the inevitable is soon approaching, as alluded to in the article link above.  Even though I was vociferously against the plans to invade Iraq and Afghanistan in 1996, I can tell you I brought these ideas up as part of the larger plan to surround Iran.  I mentioned this online about ten years ago and that site was mercilessly destroyed a couple days later.  WordPress should be a bit more resistant to hacker attack.

Reading between the lines in the above article should lead you to following important points.  It’s not the ordinance that America has an issue sending to Israel, it’s the delivery system.  For logistical and financial reasons, the USA will not let Israel have a B2 bomber.  The plane would be too vulnerable on the ground in Israel, especially if it is only needed for one mission.  Also, Israel’s neighbors would be infuriated by such a move.  The B2 is also much too expensive for Israel to purchase and maintain.

The fact that the USA flew two B2’s to Korea recently was also America’s way of sending a message to North Korea and Iran (the distances are almost the same) we have the capability to fly there and deliver, if we so chose.  According to some of the experts, Iran is getting extremely close to weaponizing their nuclear material.  Despite concerns and indifference expressed by many countries, there is most likely a majority consensus among the countries that count, Iran will not be allowed to become a member of the nuclear arms club.  They will be stopped before they do.

I remember how I had stated to those who were in the loop many years ago that the Iraqi facility should be destroyed.  I also remember how more recently I stated that the Syrian facility should be destroyed.  If you can read this, and know how one plus one equals two, then you know what to do.

אֲדֹנָי לִי וְלֹא אִירָא


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