Fact for the Day: Natural Population Increase Worldwide

Natural Population Increase Worldwide

The above posted graphic link from Wikipedia shows the natural population increase, worldwide.  I post this as a “fact for the day.”  I’m not doing so as any kind of political statement nor should it be used as any kind of justification for concluding positively or negatively about the people of any nation.

I post this because it comes from a reliable source, CIA World Factbook, and it might surprise some people who did not know where populations are increasing and declining.  Also, I want you to consider the implications of this collection of facts.  Leaders of different countries are certainly aware to what degree their populations are increasing and declining.  It has a major impact on their laws, policies, programs, resource allocations, and views of the rest of the world.

Whenever you read about news in different parts of the world consider the above graph and what effect it has on events around the globe.

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