Careful what you ask for, Bilal Hafeez

Did you see this?  Someone else says they need my help. . .

Only Jesus can save the Eurozone

I am sure by now many of you have figured out when some people use the name Jesus in this way they are really saying “no one can save” whatever needs saving.

Obviously, this man does not understand me at all and I am not very flattered by his statements.  I am not interested in saving the Eurozone.  God has not, as yet, told me He wants me to intercede on behalf of the Eurozone.  I will not be submitting a résumé.  Just because he thinks I would be the one and only person who could save this entity, I do not feel compelled to do so.  My past experiences tell me that people often ask for my advice, then do not follow it.  Maybe if Bilal Hafeez understood just one event from the New Testament then he would reasonably expect if I were to tell members of the Eurozone to “sell everything…” they would decline. Furthermore, I suppose Mr. Hafeez would expect me to undertake this thankless task for free, as many other people have asked me to do.  You can tell Mr. Hafeez I said “Thanks, but ‘No, thanks.'”

I would also add here that although I have a degree in Finance from one of the most prestigious business schools in the United States, that alone does not make me qualified for the job.  He also describes me as “sinless” and not having anything in my past someone could dredge up to discredit me.  You might want to tell Bilal that you found Jesus, he’s American and almost fifty years old now.  You can also add I had smoked pot for about eighteen consecutive years before I quit and see if he thinks that might work against my credibility.  There is no reason to tell him I think a lot of bad has come out of Europe over the centuries (which many people blame me for) and I consider his “offer” to be strangely reminiscent of something Satan offered me some two thousand years ago.  That would only confuse him more.

However, compared to what some people say about Jesus in these times, I have to admit, it is far from the worst thing I have ever heard.

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