Religions of the World: My Version

  • TAOISM: Miracles happen.
  • CONFUCIANISM: Confucius say, “Miracles happen”.
  • BUDDHISM: Miracles happen, but pay no mind.
  • JAINISM: A miracle does not harm anything.
  • ZEN: What is the sound of a miracle happening?
  • SHINTOISM: Miracles are everywhere.
  • JESUITISM: If a miracle happens and nobody is watching, is it really a miracle?
  • DEISM: Miracles just happen.
  • MYSTICISM: What a weird miracle!
  • NIHILISM: Who needs a miracle?
  • THEOSOPHY: You don’t know half of the miracles that happen.
  • EXISTENTIALISM: Miracles do not happen; miracles are.
  • SECULAR HUMANISM: Miracles evolve.
  • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES: Knock, Knock “Miracles happen”.
  • CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: The miracle is in your mind.
  • MASONIC: Miracles happen, but we can’t discuss it during Lodge.
  • NEWAGE: Visualize miracles happening.
  • 12-STEP: Read the Big Book and work your program and a miracle will happen.
  • BAHA’I: It’s all the same miracle.
  • HINDUISM: This miracle has happened before.
  • AGNOSTICISM: I don’t know if miracles happen.
  • ATHEISM: I don’t believe in miracles!
  • PROTESTANTISM: Miracles will happen if I work harder.
  • ISLAM: Miracles happen if it is the will of Allah.
  • CATHOLICISM: Miracles happen where the Church says they happen.
  • JUDAISM: Why do miracles always happen to us?
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