Lost Decade – Part Eleven – The Inhabitation Phenomenon – Second Post

There were several other times that people became inhabited while I was in high school.  Some of them could be described in a few sentences and others would require a little more space than that.  I will not go over all of them, but one in particular, does warrant mentioning in this series.

One day while I was spending time around the lunch hour near Room 180 (the Choir Room) one of my fellow classmates started shouting at me.  As best as I can recall it went like this:

I remember being startled when Ellen Ginsburg began shouting at me…

Ellen: Ben!  You have to find Jeanine!

Me: Huh? What are you talking about?

Ellen: Where is she?

Me: I don’t know.  Ellen, what’s wrong?

Ellen: You have to find her!

Me: What are you talking about?

Ellen: Where is she?

Me: (By this point I realized she was not talking about her friend, who’s last name was Kabrins, but the girl Sydney Rushakoff told me about years before.) I don’t know!  I don’t think she’s even been born yet.

Ellen: You have to find her!

Me: She’s not here yet.

By this point some of here friends had heard her yelling and came over to calm her down.  They tried to get her to stop shouting and return to normal.  After some time had passed they succeeded and told me that she was back to being herself and did not remember shouting in the hallway at all.

At some point later I saw her, consoled her, and I told her it was okay and I wasn’t mad at her.  She was obviously embarrassed and at a loss to explain why it happened at all.

It sure was strange but as I look back on it, I would not call this possessed by a demon.  The wide-eyed exuberance she displayed is not something demons are capable of in my presence.  This type of behavior is exhibited by divine beings who are on the good side of things.

Also, to me there is a kind of humor in this exchange.   I was conversing with a being that is truly trying to help me but because Time doesn’t operate the same way it does in the World of Action we all live in, it seemed more imperative.  If you accept what I stated above that the girl she shouted about had not been born yet, then there is no way I could find her at that time.

Moreover, the conversational logic of it makes me laugh.  If I don’t know where someone is, then obviously I need to find her.  If I need to find someone then I don’t know where she is.  Shouting the same thing over and over is circular and not very productive.

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