What I said and what I would like to see done about it

Sometimes it seems like I write blogs for no reason at all. The whole exercise reminds me of what my entire life has felt like: an endless “piss in the wind.”  At the same time, I don’t want people who have read my blogs to think I don’t appreciate their willingness to read these works. I truly do appreciate all the people who have chosen to follow this blog and read my entries.

On June 30, 2006 I waxed a bit philosophical about a possible scenario and how I would handle it if I were a member of Congress.  In the chilling story I told, many children were killed by a deranged person.  My constituents were so outraged they spoke to me in unanimity about doing something about it right away.  I spoke about how I would listen to their complaints and the discussion we would have as we talked about what I could do to protect them.  In this hypothetical tale, I mentioned that my constituents wanted me to attempt to have the Second Amendment to the Constitution repealed.  I described a scenario where, even though I did not agree with their request, I would attempt to do as they wanted because that was my duty as their representative.  I would write the bill repealing the Second Amendment and seek to get the support of other members of Congress.  At end of this story, I described how this effort failed as it never made it past the Committee level.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook School shootings it is eerie to hear how many people have spoken the very same phrases I used six and a half years ago.  People who are adamant that we must do everything to protect the Second Amendment, people who are vehement that we dramatically curtail the availability of the weapons that were used, even those who state that the Second Amendment ensures all our other freedoms.

Do I take any satisfaction in predicting this tragedy? Of course not.  I also want you to know that I made it clear on that day I did not consider it a prophecy at all; I clearly phrased it as “a predictive forecast.”  I considered it inevitable; we have had things like this happen before in America.  It only made sense to me something of this tragic magnitude would happen eventually.

I have many times over the years called people to action for their sake as well as my own.  It seems that time after time they have acknowledged the wisdom of what I asked for, but refused to do anything.  Now, far be it from me to use sarcasm, flippant indifference or even reverse psychology. . .

This is what I want no one to do.  If you really do not intend to do what I am about to suggest, please stop reading now.  If you really want to know what I want, and then completely ignore it, go ahead and keep reading.

I would not like to see someone in the media enterprises, someone with legitimate journalistic credentials (whatever that means to anyone anymore), to ask Nicole Scherzinger herself if we spoke on the phone on June 30, 2006 and if I mentioned this, as written above, at all.  Someone who is obviously really weak-minded and weak-willed would be perfect.  This person need not acknowledge me specifically.  This person could refer to me indirectly, as perhaps “some obviously insane guy, who writes a bunch of crazy nonsense on WordPress.com, in America.”  That is if you get a bit tired of asking her about her dead singing career, her mysteriously ambiguous relationship with Lewis Hamilton, what designer’s dress she’s wearing tonight, what prompts her obsessive references to ‘balls,’ or what ever you scum who follow her around consider to be worthwhile fodder for ignorant sheep to consume.

Because I would just like to see her reaction…

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