Splintered vision

Wake Island was devastated by 185 mile per hou...

This another one of my blogs that really is just for myself. If anyone wants to read it, and learn a bit more about me, that’s fine. I’m primarily doing this as a method of record keeping; a kind of diary of my experiences.

Last night, when I sent myself to bed, I began to see some things in the florescent black of closed-eyes vision-space. There were a few disjointed pieces of blue sky, grassy fields, and other bits of scenery I’m not sure how to place. Then, for just a few moments, I saw a large castle on an island. The sea was shimmering and the castle occupied almost all the land space of this island.  The castle’s white walls slowly sloped several stories above the ground.

It occurs to me that this little piece of a vision was thematically very similar to the “throne on the water” I saw when I was told who I am and what I must do by God. The same “throne on the water” I saw that evening in 2006 when I saw the vision much more clearly, and for a longer period of time, at the end of a long series of visions where I caught up with the other ones so many people told me I would have.

Beyond the similarity of the visual elements, I do not ascribe any major significance to what I saw last night. There were no large beams of light from above nor any three part lotuses floating or spinning in the water.

I’ll add for completeness of what I have been experiencing that before I went to sleep I watched part of a show on the History Channel entitled “Wake Island: Alamo of the Pacific.” Yes, the same Wake Island strange people promised to me back in 1996 if I saved all of you from the predicted apocalypse.

As of yet, as you should know, I do not have a small kingdom on Wake Island in the Pacific. I don’t want a small kingdom on Wake Island in the Pacific. I don’t plan on building a castle anytime on any island anywhere at all. I don’t think there is any holy prophetic message that was being conveyed in this sliver of a vision.

My take on it is that this is the by product of my mind and soul, damaged as they are, producing some kind of expression that is self-reflective. I’m not the same as I was years ago; there aren’t blessings from above flowing off of me. I’m more like a fortress on an island that is more interested in protecting myself than sharing with the hostile world just beyond my sight.

I hope you appreciate the candor of what I’ve posted today…

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